Monday, December 29, 2008

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go...

It was actually Grandma Principal's AND Grandpa Menard's this year for Christmas and we had so much fun! P-Daddy comes from a pretty large family and we just happened to be there in the very year that EVERYONE came for Christmas! It was great as we hadn't seen some of the cousins since our wedding. Christmas Day there were 24 people was overwhelming, crowded, and wonderful all at the same time!

JD had a blast with his 2nd cousin O-Man (the only cousin to speak of that is even close in age). It was hilarious because JD new that O-Man was not as big as an adult so he was fixated on him. Whenever O-Man would walk away from him he would scream out, like "hey, stick with me guy." It was cute and quite funny!

O-Man and JD...they had so much fun it was hard to get them to sit still for a moment so this was the best shot we got!

I was WAY excited because R came this year with Uncle Badgeman! I am normally the only gal there so it was fun to have R there to share the experience with! Can't wait for many years of memories ahead! :)

Grandma Principal is an amazing cook and she outdoes herself at Christmas. We always have Beef Tenderloin with all of the fixings on Christmas Eve and then a Turkey/Ham dinner on Christmas Day. I think we consume more food in a few days time than we normally do in a week...but thats what the holidays are for right?

Mom, this food is AMAZING...why don't I get this for every meal?

JD probably had the worst naps and nights rest than he has had in seriously almost a year. I think we learned even more this holiday that he is a social butterfly! He would absolutely scream if we took him away from the crowd for nap time or even bedtime! Normally he is a dream (pardon the pun) in this department so that was a little rough on us. And he did end up with a little cold but so far he has handled being back home very well and (cross our fingers) his cold has not gotten worse! :)

My favorite holiday picture! Sums us up pretty well! :)

Lets see...where can I go next?

Santa did visit Grandma Principal's and Grandpa Menard's house (or shall I say all of his elves did, aka the family). Everyone was very generous and he ended up with amazing books and toys! We are very appreciative and greatful for our families generosity.

Are these all for me? I LOVE Christmas!

P-Daddy and his Omaha Steaks...yummy!

JD's newest and bestest friend

Uncle Chi-town modeling his Mr. Rogers sweater
Saturday we celebrated Christmas at our house with Grandpa President and Uncle VP. It was nice to be able to do that when we still had the tree up! In years past it has been hard to fit it all in during the actual holiday season so its been after the decor came down. It doesn't feel right doing it that way so I was glad that they were able to make it over!

President and VP's matching portfolios...awww!

Grandpa President got JD all kinds of learning toys and had tons of fun playing with him after we opened them up! Uncle VP got him "Elmo Live" which is HYSTERICAL! JD just hugs him and then knocks him down and Elmo then says "Uh Oh, Elmo fall down, can you please help him up?" Which happens about a 1,000 times a day and totally reminds me of the infommercials of "I've fallen and I can't get up."

Grandpa I LOVE my new shapes toy...thank you so much!

All in all it has been a wonderful season (except for not being able to see GranBeck...we miss you!). We are so blessed in so many ways and are greatful for our life. We can't wait to see what 2009 will bring...its always an adventure around here! :)

Christmas Family Photo 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Okay people...we couldn't resist...Happy Holiday's from the "Rhyme and Reason" Elves! (You have to have Adobe Flash Player in order to view this)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cookie Cutters: Making a boy out of our baby

Today we did what we should have done eons ago...took JD to get his very first REAL LIFE haircut. He was growing a rather lovely mullet according to many and as much as we loved the hillbilly attention (pardon the sarcasm) was time. He had a lot of hair and I didn't even know where to begin. For Halloween we even joked that we could have pulled off "Donald Trump" instead of the monkey because when his hair would blow in the wind it looked straight like the Donald. HA!

Mullet baby (said in the most endearing of ways)...and yes GranBeck we opened your Christmas present early! We couldn't resist!


The first time we cut JD's hair it was on his first birthday and it went OKAY. We just did a trim around the ears, neck and face. The second time was about a month ago and, well, one would probably say it didn't go as well. He kind of left the situation with what looked like a "fade" on one side of his head. So after that debacle we decided the next time would be with a professional.

Cookie Cutters is this fabulous little kid salon! Addy and Lilly went last week and left with adorable little hairdo's and their mommy gave us a coupon (which I think may have been a "hint, hint" to get us to finally go, which we appreciate) so away we went!
The fabulous part about Cookie Cutters is they let you pick out a movie, put them in this cute little car, and then they start working away (as fast as they can). At first he was confused I think. So he was just kind of bobbing and weaving (but this amazing woman was still cutting away and NOT giving him a "fade"), then came an all out tantrum that included real tears and shaking (she is still cutting by the way...I really do think this is a talent). This is when the movie kicked into high gear as it made a noise that he found intriguing and stopped crying at once to begin "talking" to us! Then she pulled out the little electric hair trimmer to go around his ears and back of his neck...and we actually saw a SMILE! I don't think I captured it well on camera, but you will just have to trust was a smile (I think it tickled)! The transformation was amazing, he went from mullet baby to a "professional" looking boy (insert mommy tear).

Mom...I am not so sure about this...

Am I a baby supermodel? This kind of feels like "star" treatment...

Make her stop!! I was kidding about the star treatment...I hate this!


Oh...a comb, that looks like fun! I am better now!

What are you looking at? I wasn't that bad! I had to cry for the dramatics mom, you know that!

So toddlers first REAL haircut was a success! We even went to the mall afterward and finished our Christmas shopping! He is growing up so fast...

Baby Boy Model Pose #1

Baby Boy Model Pose #2

Enough! Peace out people!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tivo Talk Volume 3

So I have been a slacker in many blogging terms lately and that includes my talk of the beloved television shows. I thought it was time to update (considering the shows are all saying their holiday goodbye's and we are left high and dry with re-runs to watch for a few weeks). Not to worry though...for those who aren't big fans of my Tivo Talk blogs...I did include some updated JD pictures, it was necessary right? :)

Now lets get down to business:
Private Practice-I don't even think I have touched on this show and it is one of my favs this season for sure. Reason #1-its set in southern California, a place that is special to me and also has the most fantabulous weather in the country. Reason #2 I love to hate and hate to love Addison Shepherd. Reason #3-I love the storyline, its cheesy and predictable at times but I always find myself enveloped in the show each week (and hanging on the edge of my seat for next week!)

Mom, you gotta tell them that we do A LOT more than watch TV around basketball! We love basketball!

The Hills-you knew this was coming...ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME that Spencer and Heidi eloped? Nighmare! I mean lets put the show a side for one second and really think about this. Its sincerely offensive to what marriage means to most to see the two of them walk down the aisle. I do not know what he has on her but its gotta be something right? Can I get an AMEN sistas? I am still in awe of the lives these people lead. And Lauren's parents home? C'mon is it even real? If so, in my next life I would like to come back and live there please.

I also help Daddy when he tightens the gate (even though I don't know why I do that because I LOVE to escape and a loose gate would make it easier for me to do so...but I LOVE to help Daddy!)

Dirty Sexy Money-Unfortunately this one is being cancelled (according to USA Today) and I am sad about it. As trashy as it is and completely unrealistic it is still entertaining as heck! Its always interesting to be able to see a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous and I think the writers of this show were hitting the nail on the head with the random drama that goes along with having money. Some of it a stretch of course, but fun to watch!

We also mow the carpet A LOT! I swear its hard work to keep up with "cleaning" the house around here!

Desperate Housewives-Okay so I have to admit that Lifetime now plays old episodes of DH during the day and I HATE daytime television so I have been re-watching a lot of the early episodes lately. They SUCK! I don't know how I ever started watching this show because they were so dumb it was RIDICULOUS! However, I think the show has turned a corner because I am officially addicted. Maybe its because they have developed the character's so well I feel like I know them?! (I know I am ridiculous). Also, on a side note they are constantly mentioning the Indianapolis Colts AND I noticed that in one of the older episodes someone was reading an "Indianapolis Monthly" magazine in one of the scenes?! Please tell me that Wysteria Lane is not supposed to be in Indiana??

We go to the grocery store too...and I get to ride in a fun car!

The Starter Wife-I don't know if I mentioned this in the first Tivo Talk however it is a pretty cute show. Again set in California (but in LA) and it is an interesting story line. I didn't catch the first season (or I think it may have been a mini series on another network) but its about a woman who was married to a big film director who divorces her and she is "starting over." Except she is starting over in the heart of LA with her "old life" all around her because they had a daughter together and so there is the school, old friends etc. I heart Debra Messing who is the divorcee(which is why I started to watch the show in the first place) and I really do enjoy her character. If you haven't tuned in, its on USA and the season finale was this past Friday evening. If you are a USA watcher at all, you know that there will be plenty a Sunday's where there will be a "Starter Wife" marathon (just in case you want to tune in).

We read LOTS of books too! I recently discovered that I love books so I make sure mommy and daddy read to me a lot!

Boston Legal-although the series finale was HOKEY, you will be missed!
Saturday Night Live-If you didn't catch this last week you missed out. Andy Samberg (sp?) is HILARIOUS is all I have to say!
That really covers it for now! Get excited for 2009 though as Friday Night Lights and Scrubs returns and The City starts on MTV! More shows to love! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Under Construction-New Blogspot Address

P-Daddy and I have decided that we need to be a bit more careful while blogging to America. So we have removed our names and those who would like to remain anonymous and have replaced with some fun (confidential) names. If you have a blog and use your real names then I kept you the same (yes I was a psycho and went through all 41 blogs I have written and changed everyone's names...I told you we are serious about this)! :)

Don't worry, nothing has happened...but we are not ones to put ourselves completely out there and with our original blog name we were. Its just a hard day in age to be too trusting you know? :)

See the sidebar for descriptions on who's who! I will be back for a real blog (I realize this doesn't qualify). But bear with me because I am updating through JD's naps today so it may not all be done as you are reading this.

So for those of you who have us on your blog list, if you wouldn't mind changing us to now be "Rhyme and Reason" that would be great! And if you notice, the our blogspot address has changed too (I don't know if you need to change that or not).

Thank you to all! I shall return soon!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Vacation for Turkey Day...

We rounded ourselves up again for another road trip, this time with sunny Florida as the destination! This time it was 12 hours instead of 7 (we are crazy), but we had a lot of fun along the way, enjoying the sun instead of snow on Thanksgiving!

The view from the top of our house (cloudy day but still pretty)

With my mom in California it can be hard (on all of us) for the holidays. My mom has been WONDERFUL traveling here every chance she gets and spending weeks with her favorite (and only) grandson. We were supposed to make the trip to her this Thanksgiving but the thought of getting on a 4 hour flight with 200 passengers while JD is in a SCREAMING phase (meaning he screams when he wants something, or is mad, or is sad, or sometimes just because) I got hives just thinking about it. So we compromised...kind of! We rented a beautiful home (note to readers, traveling to Destin, Florida in October-February is DIRT CHEAP) that had enough space for everyone and then some and decided that driving would be a better option. When we took the last road trip JD's car seat was still turned backwards and he did we thought with his carseat now facing forward this one would be even better. We were WRONG!

JD slept 45 minutes in the first day, 25 minutes the second on our way down there. He normally takes TWO, 2 hour + naps a day. So he was screaming and crabby! My brother (bless his heart) drove down there with us and I think he discovered that he may no longer want children. He loves JD and had wonderful patience but I am pretty sure he doesn't want to see any of our faces for a while (and I don't blame him)! The ride home was just as bad but it almost didn't feel that way because I was prepared for it.

The family on Thanksgiving night

I am leaving out the best part though which was the actual trip! The home we stayed in was beautiful, the area was gorgeous, and Thanksgiving was better in Florida than in Indiana! We actually laid out at the pool the day of Thanksgiving while the turkey was a cookin! I couldn't do Christmas like that but Thanksgiving...I think I could do every year!

One of our favorite stories from this particular trip was from a night out at Stinky's Fish Camp. Yes I said Stinky's Fish Camp. Sounds sort of disgusting and the outside is nothing to look at either BUT this place had the best seafood we had ever eaten! We left JD with my mom and her husband and VP, P-Daddy and I set out for a good meal! We came across Stinky's and thought "what the hell, lets try it!"

We sat at the bar and waited for a table (the wait was a half hour, always a good sign right?) and ended up chatting with a couple because they had asked us if we wouldn't mind moving down a seat so they could squeeze in. We noticed that they were eating at the bar so we decided to just go ahead because our stomachs had started growling. The husband of the couple chimed in and said we had made a very good decision by eating at the bar because the bar tender was the BEST! Well, then the bartender was way excited that it was our first time and explained to us that we shouldn't be fooled by the ambiance...that all of the chefs owned the place and they all came from 5 star restaurants. So we ordered with his recommendations and went along our way. The husband then chimes up again and asks what we had ordered and tells us we HAVE to order the bread pudding for dessert because its the best ever. Apparently this place was just written up in "Southern Living" magazine...and I told him that he could be the spokesperson himself for the place!

Our food was AMAZING! I honestly am not a fish gal but it was the best any of us had ever had! Then the couple sends three t-shirts to our table (now that is Southern Hospitality if I ever knew any) and said that they couldn't let us leave without something and they never wanted us to forget our first time at Stinky's! Now I will tell you something...NO ONE in Indiana would ever do something like that! We bought them a round and took a picture (because my VP insisted, which I thought was cute) with them!

The nice family we met!
JD still loves the water and was braver this time than he has ever been! I have to catch him in the bathtub and show you his new moves too. He now pretends like he is swimming in the tub and had started this right before we left for vacation and pretty much continued it in the pool. He isn't quite sure of the ocean though. He didn't like the lake either...he is a pool snob what can I say?

We are quite thankful for many things this year and I couldn't leave that out...
We are thankful for the opportunities we are given
We are thankful for our wonderful family
We are thankful for our dear friends
We are thankful for our relationship
We are thankful for our health
We are thankful for our home
And last but not least...
We are thankful FOR JD!!!

Mommy and Daddy, lets PLEASE not get back in the car for 12 hours...lets just move here, its nice and warm!

**If you are ever in need of a rental home for vacation I would highly recommend in the Destin area. Our home was actually in Santa Rosa Beach. They have the best selection in the area. However, our home (probably due to economic reasons) hadn't been occupied in quite some time and we had a few mishaps. Ocean Reef did take care of all of them though with little hesitation so I would still recommend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Riding Around In My Automobile...

VP got JD his first "Automobile" for his birthday. JD got so many Auto's we put some of them away for the future but this particular one stayed in the living room. And why this one you ask? Because its really and AUTOmobile...meaning with the push of a button it actually takes off! It apparently goes 2 miles per hour, which prompted us to get a helmet, but I really don't buy it (which actually makes me happy, we aren't trying to raise a dare devil) no use for the helmet (for now...I am sure we will find a use for it at some point!

JD has played with his little auto since he received it...but never would ride it. He would push it around the room or get on and off of it but if P-Daddy or I would even try to push the power button he would slide off and move on to another toy....that is until two weeks ago right after we got back from Butler's Homecoming. He walked right up to it, got on, pushed the button and away he went! P-Daddy and I were in awe of his confidence! He doesn't know how to steer but will push that power button and ride away (until he runs into a piece of furniture...then he just burns rubber)!

Here is our little biker boy (notice the shirt, I thought it was appropriate for a biker boy!)

On a side note I want to send the warmest of THANKS to my mom who shared my entire birth story on her blog and even included some baby photos...and to my friends Amy, Kristina, and Aimee for their shoutouts on my birthday! Kristina, you are too sweet for dedicating an entire blog entry to me! You all are the greatest friends a gal could ask for! XOXOXO!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting Down to Blogger Business

Beyond Planning Events is a “company” I put together a year or so ago. I had extravagant plans to do oh so much with my thoughts and dreams but really haven’t accomplished much. I have a lot of excuses that mostly go something like JD was/is a full time job, we don’t have family in town for free babysitting and a start up business is hard enough to finance without the cost of babysitting…so here I am.

Beyond Planning, is an event planning company that embodies who I am as an event planner. I am the someone that goes ABOVE and BEYOND for you if/when you are my client. And that is simply because I love to plan and I love helping people.

I started the Beyond Planning blog before I even began our family one. It originated to promote what I do, have done and can do. After much research (or just a lot of blog stalking) I have come to realize that Beyond Planning (the blog) would be better served for readers to have a place to come and get ideas for their own parties.

That isn’t to say that I do not want to plan those weddings or create those invitations myself…I do. But for now I need to get myself out there and the easiest way for me to do this is through blogging.

Check me out if you are interested! If not, pass the word around! Thank you loyal blog stalkers!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud to be an American!

WOW! That will be an election to remember! I am so proud to be an American (and soo glad that the election is over...for many reasons!)

Barack Obama may not be your favorite person, you may even be leary of him, but I do believe that it is the time for us to come together as a country. Not out of tragedy but out of pride in the United States of America!

Democrate or Republican I really do believe that our future President's speech was history in the making and NOT just because he is African American but that he is the right man for the job, and NOT because he is a "smooth talker" but that he believes in this country and what we are capable of! YES WE CAN is right Mr. Obama...and we WILL!

As for John McCain...he had lost some respect from this girl but his speech last night was also amazing. Although I may not agree with the way he went about running for President I do know that he put up as big of a fight as he could. I appreciate a fighter and know that he will continue to do great things in the Senate.

Just in case you missed the original (as I did, a girls gotta sleep!) see below. You have to suffer through a commercial first but believe me, its worth it!

Watch CBS Videos Online

*I did not share my political beliefs prior to the Election because I believe it is everyone's right to vote for whom they choose, without my opinoin inserted. I also am not really a Republican or a Democrat as I look at both canidates as each election presents itself. I did not vote "straight ticket" yesterday as I usually don't.

If you feel the need to comment negatively know that it will be a waste of your breath (or fingers typing), your comment will be deleted. You do get to choose whether or not you come and read my if this post makes you not want to read it, fine and thank-you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monkeying Around

We had fun "trick-or-treating" at Uncle Badgeman's house. JD enjoyed trying out all of Uncle Badgeman's toys such as his remote control, speakers for his ipod and eating the football that he got for coming over to "trick-or-treat." P-Daddy enjoyed sampling the food for the party, and R and I just had fun chatting and watching JD! We love Uncle Badgeman and R and want to thank them for having us over and for all of JD's treats!

As promised, here are some pictures of our little monkey...

Mom, seriously! No paparazzi today please!

What? Uncle Badgeman said I could have this remote...I swear he did!

I am hot and tired, can we PLEASE take this funny outfit off?

I thought these speakers were for babies? No?

Dad! You have the camera now...I don't even know what to say!

If I really am a monkey...can't I go outside and play? Don't monkeys live outside?

Spartan Cheerleader and a monkey (now that could be a funny SNL skit! No?)

The Spartan Cheerleaders and JD

We were sad to see the monkey costume go. It means another Halloween gone by. After last years outfit I wasn't sure how we could outdo ourselves but I think the monkey did it for us! I am utilizing these young years to dress him in the cutest costumes possible because Lord knows as he gets older he will want to be Superman or Batman, which yes are cute but they don't even touch the monkey!

To end this post I thought it would be fun to show where we were one year ago. Its pretty hard to believe how far we have come! Just a FEW more pictures...hope you enjoy!