Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Official Day of Summer

Its kind of hard to believe that we are in the middle/end of September, have already gotten a few teaser Fall days and yet TODAY is the final day of summer. I wouldn't have even known this factoid if my mom hadn't told me as summer basically ended for us at the end of July. Plus the only reason she knows this is because apparently TODAY is setting record heat indexes in Hoosierland.

That always happens...we are gung ho ready for nice weather by the time June arrives, pissed off if it even thinks about getting chilly or raining...and then a whole month later we are all burnt out of pool days and overwhelming heat and humidity that we can't WAIT for Fall to get here! Which is ridiculous because I HATE WINTER! Except for the month of December of course. Apparently I like my seasons to last a month and then I am over them. HA! Anyway, I am sure as JD gets older this will change as activities will keep us busy all summer long but for now this is our story.

Plus I LOVE (understatement) Fall. I love the smell, the wonderful temperature, the colors, the clothes (new jeans, sweatshirts), the decorations, Thanksgiving...well you name it I love it. If Fall could last all year I would be in heaven (side note: it does, you just have to move to Southern California...and in that case you do miss out on the fall colors but you DO get the wonderful temperatures!!)

But alas, I realized that I did not do ONE pool post this year...which is ridiculous because Mr. JD is quite the fish! This season brought some swimming with no floaties which is a far cry from LAST YEAR, holding our breath under water, swimming down to get sticks at the bottom of the shallow end AND jumping off the diving board for the first time (WITH floaties!). So on this last day of summer I thought I would share some of our highlights...

Happy Last Day of Summer everyone!! Fall 2010 HERE WE COME!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tivo Talk-Fall 2010 Premier Week!!

It sure is that time of year again! The leaves are turning beautiful shades of orange, the kids are back in school (not my kid but you know what I mean), bonfires with smores are going on somewhere around here, and, you guessed it-FALL PREMIER WEEK has arrived! So get excited, and get those TIVO's and DVR's ready because this season is sure to entertain us all!!

What's New:

Monday at 10pm EST Chase. Featuring the handsome Jesse Matclaf who we all remember as Jon Rowland, the frisky lawn boy from Desperate Housewives.

Thursday at 9:30pm EST Outsourced. I already heart NBC's The Office and Community which are both a play on sitcom meets reality TV and am thinking this will be along those same lines. Looking forward to laughing out loud.

Friday at 10pm EST Outlaw. Who doesn't love Jimmy Smitz? I mean hello?! But really the season premier of this was last week for some reason and we tuned in. So far so good. Think quirkier Law and Order with a main character trying to make positive changes within our system. We shall see how this goes...could be a great one!

The Apprentice really isn't new but has received a face lift. Celebrity Apprentice is the route that The Donald had gone the past few seasons and I was yawning. so I guess its a good thing for him that he has changed it up. The premier was this past week but you can catch it on Thursdays at 10pm. The previews have me intrigued because it appears he is taking peeps on that lost their jobs due to our current financial crisis. Could be very interesting...

The Whole Truth premiers Wednesday at 10pm EST. If you were a fan of ER get excited because this is bringing back Maura Tierney. I am not so sure if I will love this but am going to give it a try. Sounds like another spin off of a Law and Order but we shall see where they take us.

Shows I was excited to see return:

Parenthood, already premiered this week as well but can be seen on Tuesday nights at 1opm EST. And this just in via PEOPLE magazine...Lauren Graham and Peter Kraus (who play brother and sister on this show) are DATING! I know, so weird and yet so right.

Premiering NEXT week on Tuesday September 28th (but still WAY worth mentioning) is The Good Wife. I think this actually may be my *FAV* Drama of the year. It was a great first season last year and it seems like they have a great plot coming at us this year! YAY for a good drama. :)

Premiering Wednesday at 9:30pm EST Cougartown is BACK! This is one I wasn't so sure of last season but it did just continue to keep me laughing and coming back for more so I am a in now. I still don't like Courtney Cox's son...he creeps me out but everyone else is hilarious!

As if there was any question this was going to return, but still it was a new show last year...Modern Family is BACK and premiers this Wednesday at 9pm EST. Cam and Phil, I have missed you and can't wait until Wednesday to see your shiny faces!

Oldies but goodies:

Survivor: Nicaragua. This premiered last week so if you missed know you haven't missed much. Its on Wednesday's at 9pm EST now and I am not sure how I feel about that but am excited it is still going strong. Amazing that they can still think of new challenges after all these seasons.

Monday September 20 at 8pm EST, How I Met Your Mother. I am SO glad we are getting into a new season because P-Daddy has just about burned me out with the Lifetime re-runs of this show. He is officially obsessed with Barney and all of his antics and I am convinced he could watch this show 24-7 over and over and still giggle out loud.

Desperate Housewives, premiers Sunday the 26th at 9pm EST. The website says tonight at 9pm but my TIVO is showing "The Gates." So I think their site is wrong. But anywho...I am way excited about the return of the Housewives. I can't get enough actually.

Private Practice, premiering Thursday at 10pm EST. Although I have ditched my beloved Grey's Anatomy as it just got to be too much I still heart this show. Addison and the gang still keep me excited to come back week after week. I really hope Addison gets herself some Taye Diggs this season. :)

Shows that are set to tape on my TIVO but I am about to breakup with:

Brother's and Sisters, premiers Sunday September 26. This USED to be on my favorites list but I am telling you it went a little too far last season and I don't know how they are going to come back from it. So my story is I am going to go ahead and watch the first episode and see how it goes.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thinking out loud Thursday

I am having one of those days where I just feel like blogging but I don't necessarily have anything to blog about. So brace yourself people. This could get interesting.

I am exhausted. Literally I wake up every day after a crappy night of sleep as of late (thanks to my dear son) and think "I'm not that tired, I am going to be good to go today." And I am that way until about noon and then I crash. Except I don't crash because I work. But I mentally crash. Oh and the crappy night of sleep we are getting nightly I hear is due to the fact that we now have a 3 year old. A very strong willed 3 year old. But we will prevail this, don't you worry. I just may eventually need an IV of caffeine to get myself through a day.

We are in the midst of making some large furniture purchases right now. And if you know us you know that we were REALLY good at making these types of purchases (minus couches, we always suck at buying couches) early on in our relationship and now we second guess every move and spend WAY too much time shopping, negotiating and then sometimes never buying. We will buy this time. It just may take a year. Sometimes I wish I was young and stupid again...at least on this front. I am way too worried about big decisions now...

...like the robins egg paint samples I have had on my bathroom walls for a year with still no final decision made. Its just paint mama, its just paint. I act like its wallpaper. Now THAT is a marriage I just cannot enter.

I have a girls day planned on Saturday that includes a fancy breakfast and manicures and pedicures. I am so looking forward to this! I wonder if I can talk any of them into allowing me to come back to their house and take a nap after? Too much? HA!

I am losing followers lately...wonder what I did? Its like losing Facebook friends. You really don't care but you are always curious as to what happened.

It is taking everything I have not to bust out my all of my fall decor. I heart this time of year so much and with the brutal summer we had I am embracing all things FALL. Including the lovely breeze outside today! Now, Fall go ahead and stay around until December and we will be good to go. And yes, I just spoke to a season.

If stand up comedy existed for 3 year olds Jacob would be making millions. I laugh out loud every day at his funny stories. And kids, as you know, have no filter and have no idea what being really scared of anything means. Its such a beautiful thing.

I feel like I have said this before in some form or fashion as I guess I am just eternally perplexed at the complexity of how women interact with each other...but friendship in many ways isn't what I thought it was. Sometimes better, sometimes surprising, sometimes worse, sometimes the exact thing you needed...its just an interesting breed in our lives. I just hope I am a good one. I sure do try to be...but that doesn't always matter.

I realized the other day that my day instantly gets better when I hear (and sing) a good song on the radio with the windows down. I used to do this a LOT more. Its good for my soul. Favorite current song: "Half of my Heart" by John Mayer (featuring the lovely Taylor Swift).

Its about that time for me to do a Fall Tivo Talk. I am so excited I could pee my pants as I have missed good TV. Except for the fact that Entourage, Weeds, and Project Runway have kept me somewhat occupied. Especially PR as it is hands down the greatest reality show on television. And I don't sew and can't afford high end designer.

And finally...its the Farewell Season of Oprah people. Get excited.

Monday, September 13, 2010

3, as in years old

You know what is coming next as I have realized I am pretty predictable when it comes to JD and his birthday's. Turn up the volume people, its not the same without the music. You will all be excited to know that this year's picture montage has some new features AND is shorter. :)

Happy 3rd Birthday JD! He woke up just about the time he was born three years ago this morning (and so of course I had a moment...sniff, sniff) and had the birthday tradition of a doughnut for breakfast! Birthday party post coming soon!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Your Love, Your Love, Your Love is my Drug

Who doesn't love K$SHA?! I mean, hello?!

P-Daddy thinks I sounds just like her when I sing "Wake up in the morning feelin like P-Diddy" as I sing that often 'round here. And when he says that I am all "I know, right?! And I look sorta like her too, right...right?" And then I say "I could have soo done her gig and totally been makin her millions...DANG!" Then he does the whole song and dance where he pretends like he's mad about it and says "thanks a lot...I wouldn't have to sell insurance if you would have just been K$SHA." And then I say the obvious..."umm my stage name would have totally been something way cooler than K$SHA" and we move on...What? You and your hubby don't have conversations like that? Daily? You should try it out sometime,its a blast. We are a blast. Just ask us.

Anyway...back to K$SHA and her fabulous tune "Your Love is my Drug." Actually P-Daddy's love drug is what I am referring to as we celebrated our 6th year of marriage on Saturday. Awww...I know, we are so cute! After we were done patting ourselves on the back for staying together and still loving each other in the mean time for 6 years (actually we have been together 9 total...but who's counting?) we celebrated this anni by going to the place where it all started. Well, sort of. We packed our pretty bags and took our pretty selves to the hotel in Indy where we had our wedding reception...that also happens to host their famous Heavenly Beds. Just in case you were wondering, they are still oh so heavenly. :) And since I haven't blogged about our recent gap in sleep...I will tell you now...it was important to have a wonderful bed to sleep all the way through a wonderful night in. Just once...at least once...in a months time.

We were classic P and M and instead of going out to a fancy meal (which we do enjoy by the way but on momentous relationship occasions history has shown that we will do a bit more comfort food than fine dining. Like the night we got engaged...Arby's pot roast sandwiches was our celebratory dinner of choice. I know this just made you want to be friends with us even more!)we ordered one of our favorite pizza's that won't deliver to us in God's Country and ate in our hotel room while watching HGTV. Oh and for those of you who know me and care, yes I sure did go to the gift shop and purchase myself some Pringles...because we all know how I feel about pizza and chips. We did a lot of laughing (at our own jokes and each others) and a lot of relaxing. It was a wonderful way to spend a day with each other in celebration of our love!

And since we were too lazy to take any pictures to mark this occasion...I will share one of my favorites of us!

Love you forever P-Daddy!