Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tik Tok

Oh yeah, I got Ke$ha's song Tik Tok on my brain this morning. On that note, I really don’t get her…because with a name that has a dollar sign used instead of an “s” I was thinking straight GHETTO. Turns out, she kind of looks like a cross between Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. So not really ghetto at all. Hmmm…I love trendy music.

"Tik tok on the clock cause the party don’t stop no"…well that party isn’t stopping at this house because Mr. JD is POTTY TRAINED!!! Oh and he is so going to get me back at some point in his life for sharing this photo with the blog world too! :)

That is really, no REALLY the biggest news going on in my life. And no I don’t have any brilliant tips for mothers out there trying to attack the battle of the bathroom with their toddler. He was ready, we were ready…end of story.

In other news my job is going well. My new boss is awesome, and is one of those people that has “thank you” in his vocabulary which is always a bonus. I should probably dedicate a whole blog to this but that just sounds tiring. This company is fantastic, and is quite honestly exactly what I would have asked for had I been able to spell it out on paper. Oh and I have an ID badge. I feel so official with an ID badge. HA! The job I turned down in December was SOO not right and believe me when I say there were times that I regretted not taking it. Everything happens for a reason though, can I get an AMEN!

I have my first ever (in like 5 years) slumber party this weekend. All girls slumber party I mean…I guess you could count all the times lots of people crashed at our house as slumber parties too. But this one will be filled with pillow fights and…oh just kidding, wanted to see if you were paying attention. Will probably be filled with bottles of wine and lots of pizza and maybe even a Marlboro Ultra Light. You just never know. Whats the occasion you ask? Oh well one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is moving in with her boyfriend and we are spending one of her last nights in her apartment together. Awww…I know, we are so cute.

Still haven’t worked out…just letting you know to hold myself accountable.

I miss the gym and all of the snobby stay-at-home mommies that I used to silently judge in my head as I was trying to take the focus off of how much I HATED the stairmaster. It worked, you should try it out sometime.

Oh and I don’t always love the random quotes to the left…but I really love today’s. Check it out…so true.

That is my randomness for today. Hope everyone has a fabulous HUMP DAY today!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kick, Goo, Ma, Mom, Momma, Mommy

This year was (technically) my third mother’s day (totally counting the year I was cooking JD in my belly). Lets go back, shall we.

The first year, “the kick year” we shall call it, was interesting because I didn’t know if I was cooking a boy or a girl. But, really I did know I was having a boy. Well at least I had a hunch. At this point I thought I knew what it meant to be a mom, as I was already making sacrifices for my little one (insert me laughing at myself at this one). Turns out I had NO IDEA.

Year two, “The Goo” year, JD was 8 months old and was still not sleeping through the night on a regular basis. I was tired beyond belief and losing it a little I think. At this point I had given up my career, my bed, and lets be honest my sanity. I now knew what it meant to be a mom. At least a mom of an infant. :) That all sounds terrible, but if you are a mom and reading this you know it doesn’t at all feel terrible. It somehow is still amazing and rewarding, each and everyday. Trying, yes…but one little milestone that you know you had a hand in…even as little as a smile on their face…makes all the spit up and sleepless nights worth it. On this Mother’s Day JD also held his own bottle for the first time and we went to brunch as a family for the first time.

Last year, the “Ma, Mom, Momma” year where I was hearing those words from my little man on a regular basis had JD starting to become the little man he is today. That little man I grew in my belly who I found on THAT Mother’s Day walking around our yard, golf club in hand, swinging away at golf balls and bossing P-Daddy and I around. Although he couldn’t really talk…we were still bossed.

This year I am Mommy. When he says Mommy it makes him sound so grown up for some reason. Although I know eventually I will just be “Mom”…which is REALLY grown up…for now Mommy seems so mature-ha! This year as I reflected on JD’s life to date I am thankful. Yes, of his health and happiness. But more than that…I am thankful for the words he says (ahem the sentences he speaks), the confidence he possesses, his “dance like no ones watching” ways, the way he laughs at jokes that everyone else laughs at when he has no idea what the joke really was, and that when he walks into a room everyone notices. You know as a girl/teen/woman I always wanted to be that person that walked into a room and everyone noticed…I never knew that it would be SO.MUCH.BETTER to raise someone else to be that person.

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day twenty ten shared with all the Moms in our life! It was the first Mother’s Day where we all could be together and I have to say that I hope it is a tradition we keep forever. It was so nice to share that day with the ones we love. This year on Mother’s Day, JD said “Happy Mother’s Day” for the first time (insert-awwww).

Overall, becoming a Mother is soo not what I thought it was going to be. I used to be somewhat angry at women, mother’s for not preparing us with any advice other than “everything is gum drops and roses” but now I understand. I mean, to most people I am brutally honest when asked specific questions because I don’t want others to be as shocked as I was on certain things. But for the most part, the gum drops and roses really do sum it all up. It’s the silver lining for sure….and every day I feel blessed to have the title of JD’s Mommy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

SHRED it or DREAD it Friday

Exgf over at Confessions of an ExGirlfriend started this tradition last week and I think it is a wonderful opportunity to dump on the blog world so I can go into my weekend fully shredded.


I need to stop feeling so guilty all the time that I am not this perfect Christian. I know...those who know me are all like-WHAT? But seriously it runs through my head a million times a week probably that I should be better. I tell ya, those Baptists did know how to instill a lot of guilt when it comes to Jesus. Oh...and those Catholics aren't much better either...ha! But in all seriousness, I am SHREDDING the guilt! God knows where my heart is...

Speaking of guilt, I am already feeling that weight on my shoulders for working full time and not being with JD. He has acted out a bit more this week and I am certain that it is because he is testing us as his world has been flipped up-side-down. Children are resilient, Children are resilient, must.keep.repeating. But honestly, when I take a step back I really have been handed the perfect opportunity and I did get to spend some QT with him at random hours this week. I just have to cherish my moments a bit more now! So today, at least for today, I am shredding the guilt I feel when it comes to going back to work.

I have noticed that I am not good with giving myself "time" to "settle" into anything. Looking back through life to date I have either dove in head first or didn't dive in at all. Soooo with that said... I haven't really worked out for a long time (okay I ran once this week...but that isn't a lot at all). Everyone tells me this has to do with the fact that I need "time" to "settle"...but my brain hears all of that as "excuse" anyway I am SHREDDING the worry about not working out (at least for this week).

I am so SHREDDING the Outback Steakhouse Bloomin Onion I am about to indulge in...I may as well SHRED the fact that I will probably wash it down with a few Goose Island Honker Ale's too...

Oh and I am not DREADING or SHREDDING this one...but "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts-CAN'T LOSE, aka Friday Night Lights returns to NBC tonight-I.Cannot.Freaking.Wait! I.Am.A.Freaking.Nerd...but I know this and am cool with it!

I totally feel better. Thanks for listening. Oh and I think everyone should do this. Its like blogger therapy. Thanks Exgf...great idea! Oh and if you want to participate with her, just comment on her blog: Confessions of an Exgirlfriend and put a link to your blog!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Travel Club Members

I know, I know you miss me. I missed blogging too. But this girl has found herself to be quite the busy butterfly lately. I won't bore you with those details (for now)...I will get to the vacay as I know you all have been anxious to hear all about!

I wanted to title this "Travel Warriors" because I do feel like, with what P-Daddy and I encountered we are ready and able to handle any travel glitches that come our way from here on out (bring it on Disney World, BRING IT). Lets just say it was a bit rough getting to our location (thank you Iceland volcano) and even rougher getting home (thank you Miami Air).

But alas, we are now officially card carrying members of the FB Travel Club. I have to say, its where all the cool kids are. And we met some cool kids. No, we met some cool friends. Seriously, the group we were with throughout the entire week was great (and great doesn't describe it really). We laughed, we laughed more, we laughed until we cried. It was just a blessing to be with them. I miss all of them actually. And I find it weird to explain this vacation to anyone, even blogger world, because it is one of those experiences that is hard to relive with words. You just had to be there. It truly was a vacation of a lifetime.

Travel stats are

32 hours to get to our first destination (this stopping point was a slight detour to our final destination) which included sitting in Rome's airport for 5 hours waiting and a lovely 6 1/2 hour bus ride through Italy's countryside.
10 hours of rest (thankfully) in a lovely Sheraton hotel in Bari, Italy where I indulged (prior to slumber) in the best red wine I have ever tasted.
2 more hours of waiting
48 or so hours before we united with the FB Travel Club...and we weren't in the group that got the worst of it.
Sat in JFK airport for 11 hours waiting for airplane to come take us back home to Indiana.
Traveled for 32 hours before arriving home sweet home.
Total hours traveled via airports or buses: 80 (Don't.Be.Jealous)

Then there was vacation bliss...

The above pictures highlight the place I would like to now retire to, Santorini, Greece. My pictures do not do my dear Santorini justice as it is literally one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

The below pictures highlight our way "out" of Santorini. It involved (as you will see), what was supposed to be a "15 minute walk" down the side of a beautiful mountain, but instead was a over hour walk down a donkey (shit) slippery stone stepped mountain. It was an adventure for sure!

And then there was Athens...

Mykonos, Greece was next and was supposed to be a nightlife location but we couldn't find any. Instead we ate and had a beer and then departed. Was also a beautiful stop though...

The final stop was Dubrovnikkkk (you have to accentuate the k, its just how we do), Croatia. It involved a stop to a local farm where we drank some wine and saw a few local dancers (think men in skirts). We also walked around this city via an ancient wall-PDaddy doesn't like heights so we peaced out on this one as most of this said wall was rather high in the sky.

I said it once and I will say it again, it was a trip of a lifetime. I cannot say I would do it again, but mostly because I know it wouldn't be the same.

And now a few updates:
I rocked the 9 1/2 hour flight, both ways...
...didn't get grouchy once during our two legs of over 24 hours of travel (so proud, right?!...becoming a mom has made me such a grown up-ha!)
...did lose weight (it was not 20 pounds)
...amazed myself at how adventurous I was
...was amazed at how well JD took us being gone in stride
...cannot believe the bond we formed with people we hardly knew going into the week, and I love that I gotta get back to work!