Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have been 29 years young for one week and three days so of course I have been thinking a lot about this last year of my twenties. I am not scared of 30, in fact I bring forth the attitude that my 30’s will provide lots and lots of joy…pretty much like my whole life has provided but with age I do believe comes some comfort too. Comfort with me, my body, my mind and my soul.

I couldn’t really let 29 move on by without putting out there in the good old blog world some profound statements (if I do say so myself) of the past, present and future (this includes a few (half) of song lyrics that I feel are also profound…its my blog I can do what I want to…do what I want to). So anyway, here goes nothing…

1.I am a lover of giving but as a mother I have realized I have also become a taker. I probably was a taker before I became a mother but have just come to realize it now. Anyway, I love the giver part. The taker part I am still trying to come to grips with.

2.ANNA NALIK SAID IT BEST WHEN SHE SANG: 2am and I’m still awake writing a song trying if I get it all down on paper its no longer inside of me threatenin the life it belongs to and I feel like I’m naked in front of crowd cause these words on my diary screaming out loud and I know that you’ll use them however you want to

3.If there is one thing I will stand by, fight for, yell about it is keeping music in schools. Music lesson’s are the gifts that keep on giving throughout life.

4.BRUCE HORNSBY SAID IT BEST WHEN HE SANG a man in a silk suit hurries by as he catches the poor old ladies eye and just to be funny says “get a job”….thats just the way it is, some things will never change

5.Being a snob isn’t always a bad thing. It isn’t always good either.

6.The transition into becoming a parent is the most life altering experience one can go through. I wish it on everyone.

7.THE FRAY SAID IT BEST WHEN THEY SANG: I never knew, I never knew that everything was falling through, that everyone I knew was waiting on cue, to turn and run when all I needed was the truth and that’s how its gotta be, its coming down to nothing more than apathy…everyone knows I’m in over my head, over my head with eight seconds left in overtime she’s your mind…she’s on your mind.

8.Friendship is hard in every stage of your life. {Those people who tell you that high school is the hardest and it is all uphill from there are big fat liars (I also think these are the same liars that tell you pregnancy is bliss). I am just going to put it out there that friendship in high school was a piece of cake in comparison to present day. I am hoping this is an area that gets easier in my 30’s but am not holding my breath. Oh and the reason I say its hard is not because its hard to LIKE my friends, nothing silly like that. Its hard because EVERYONE is in a different place at this age and EVERYONE has an opinion about EVERYONE else’s place and what she should, I should, or you should be doing, feeling, saying, wanting. Friends just don’t let friends LIVE and respect that LIFE (kind of like friends don’t let friends drive drunk...but actually different).}

9.THE DIXIE CHICKS SAID IT BEST WHEN THEY SANG… My friends from high school, married their high school boyfriends…moved into houses in the same zip code where their parents lived but I, I could never follow, no I, I could never follow. I hit the highway…in a pink RV with stars on the ceiling, lived like a gypsy, six strong hands on the steering wheel…been a long time gone now maybe someday someday I’m gonna settle down but I always find my way somehow by takin the long way…takin the long way ‘round.

10.Tradition is important. {It makes me feel safe and all warm and cozy inside.}

11.POINT OF GRACE SAID IT BEST WHEN THEY SANG The skies still blue and my hope is anew, you’re my hope, you’re my joy, you’re my dream that’s still alive, with the wind on back and the sun on my face, you are life you’re grace you are BLUE SKIES

12.A Tragic Life is one filled with lies.

13.JODEE MESSINA SAID IT BEST WHEN SHE SANG Do you gonna be a poet, and write…do you wanna be an actor of the light, do you wanna be a soldier and fight for love, do you wanna travel the world, do you wanna be a diver for pearls, or climb a mountain and touch the clouds above, be anyone you want to be bring to life your fantasies but I want something in return….I want you to BURN, burn for me baby, like a candle in my night, I want you to BURN…Are you gonna be a gambler and deal, or are you gonna be a doctor and heal, or go to heaven and touch God’s face…are you gonna be a dreamer who sleeps, are you gonna be a sinner who weeps or an angel under grace.

14.Confidence can be exuded even when you aren’t.

15.JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP SAID IT BEST WHEN HE SANG that’s when a smoke was a smoke and grooving was grooving, dancing meant everything...we were young and we were improving…

16.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there is isn’t much better than marrying your best friend {which I have realized EVERYONE says that they married their best friend…but I actually was friends with my husband for 3 years before we dated and having that foundation and background is what I am talking about…don’t get me wrong, I am happy for you and you and you that your husband has become your best friend…but ladies and gents I needed to be clear that we aren’t talking about the same thing. Oh and before you get your panties in a bunch over that statement…please remember, these are MY SELF PROCLAIMED PROFOUND STATEMENTS. I am not Jesus}.

17.RASCALL FLATTS SAID IT BEST WHEN THEY SANG If it couldn’t be then baby how did we get here… Some Say will never get it off the ground, some say we’ll never make it out of town and some day we’ll end up a world apart. Some say we’re a couple of crazy kids, some say that’s exactly what they did, I say you gotta go with your heart…and baby look who we are.

18.Eyebrows are an important asset to your face. Don’t over pluck.

19.STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN SAID IT BEST WHEN HE SANG today I watch in silence as people pass me by and strain to see if there is something hidden in their eye, they all look back at me as if to say “life just goes on”…the old familiar story told in different ways make the most of your own journey from the cradle to the grave dream your dreams tomorrow because today “life just must go on”….but theres more to this life, livin and dyin more than just trying to make it through the day, more to this life more than these eyes alone can see and theres more than this life alone can be.

20.Learning to play poker when you are young is important. It teaches you to how to hang with (outwit) the boys early.

21.LADY GAGA SAID IT BEST WHEN SHE SANG I want to hold em like they do in Texas please. Fold em let em hit me raise it baby stay with me.

22.The four year college experience is one like no other. {It is one of the best gifts I (along with the help of my father) gave to myself.}

23.PINK SAID IT BEST WHEN SHE SANG I don’t want to be the laughs the loudest, or the girl that never wants to be alone. I don’t wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence…the quiet scares me cause it screams the truth.

24.Being able to land in San Diego and navigate that city like I would my own home is something wonderful that came out of my youth…because that place and those people are part of who made me who I am today.

25.DAVE MATTHEWS BAND SAID IT BEST WHEN THEY SANG if these walls came crumbling down, fell so hard to make us lose our faith, from what’s left we’d figure it out, still make lemonade taste like a summer day

26.Your name isn’t your identity…but it makes me smile that to some I will always be known as “Jorgenson”, “Michy kid”, or “Mlouise.”

27.LITTLE BIG TOWN SAID IT BEST WHEN THEY SANG I feel no shame I’m proud of where I came from I was born and raised in the boondocks. One thing I know no matter where I go I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks.

28.In theory, a big family would be ideal. In reality, that means I would have to get pregnant a lot. Reality bites sometimes.

29.RYAN ADAMS SAID IT BEST WHEN HE SANG Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna give it back to you, by now you should’ve somehow realized what you gotta do, I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now…Bad beat the word is on the street and the fire in your heart is out, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but you’ve never really had a doubt, I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now. And all the roads we have to are co-winding (sp?) and all the lights that lead the way are blinding, there are many things that I would like to say to you but I don’t know how…I said maybe, your gonna be the one that saves me, and afterall…you’re my Wonderwall.

AND ONE TO GROW ON: Laughing so hard you pee your pants is something you miss out on in life if you don’t do it at least once.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ummm...No Mom

JD has been pretty funny lately and for whatever reason we think the below is hysterical. Right now he has coined the phrase " mom" or "no mom" or "uh-uh mom" and says it all the time whether the answer to the question really is "no". I know this won't last so I had to bottle it up on camera so we can have this snip bit for years to come!