Friday, February 20, 2009

A Small Glimpse Into Our Reality...

If you have an account with Facebook you know that there has been a ridiculous amount of "lists" going around. Everything from "Top 25 things about yourself" to "All About Your First Born" (I have to admit I did that one), to "My kids are napping and I am bored." Its insane and somewhat ridiculous (not ridiculous enough for me to stop reading everyones though). I decided to go ahead and boycot Facebook and do my own "list" on here! I did get this specific list from Facebook though...just not going to do it on there. :) If you are a frequenter of Dooce (my favorite blog of all time), she did this I am sort of copying her (because in many ways I aspire to be my own version of her because I think she is so freaking fabulous). :)

I don't talk enough about P-Daddy (and how awesome he is in so many ways) so this is dedicated to him and us. :)

What are your middle names?
P-Daddy's is Hubbard (I love his middle name, it runs in his family and we will be using it on baby #2 and before you ask, no we are not trying or even thinking about going there yet!)

How long have you been together?
Together since Fall of 2001, Married for 4 1/2 years. The Big 5 coming up in September!!

How long had you known each other before you started dating?
Since Fall of 1998 (freshmen year of college)...but we really became closer friends junior year of college because we took a lot of the same classes and we studied together a lot (real studying people, like the kind where you make flashcards for memorization and you are in the university's library) :)

Who asked whom out?
Technically P-Daddy asked me out (to his fraternity formal) because our fake anniversary (meaning the one we celebrated each year until we were actually married) was in November because that is when we said we officially started dating. Although we had already been hanging out a lot but in the form of friends to that point!

How old are each of you?
P-Daddy is 29 (turning the BIG 3-0 very soon!) and I am still the young, ripe age of 28.

Whose siblings do you see the most?
Well as many of you know we see Uncle Badgeman quite a bit. He is P-Daddy's older brother. We see Uncle VP the second most, who is my younger (and only) brother.

What situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
P-Daddy says "his gas" is pretty bad and there are days where I wish he would quit with it already... but since we are giving you that "glimpse" into our lives I only think its fair to be honest. I think its finding balance that is the hardest on us. Finding balance in our parenting duties, in our "dating" lives (because yes you still date once you are married), in our (ahem) sexual lives, with religion, P-Daddy with work, me with keeping everything clean around these parts and much more. It can be tough and there are weeks where we literally have no balance at all and we are completely out of sync with each other. Those are hard...and I wish I could share that the weeks where we have some balance that it feels perfect and all is right in the world. But I don't know that there will ever be 100% balance with all of that. It's a matter of enjoying the balance bliss when we do have it (even with the small things) and learning from our mistakes along the way.

Did you go to the same school?
College, yes...Butler University. P-Daddy went to what we shall call "Bomber" High School and I went to DHS is the best! :)

Are you from the same Hometown?
P-Daddy is from Northern Indiana and I am from Central Illinois.

Who is smarter?
P-Daddy is definitely booksmart and he is smarter than me in many ways. It also needs to be noted that he graduated BU with honors, so yes he is a smarty pants! The only thing I really have on him is a RIDICULOUS memory, which I guess makes me smart on some level. :) We are both very driven people though.

Who is the most sensitive?
Me, hands down. But I am not going to downplay P-Daddy's sensitivity! He is a sensitive guy for sure...but I think this question is somewhat dumb because aren't all women in relationships more sensitive than their hubby's?

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
This is normally a phase thing for us but right now it is a local place called Stonecreek. We love dining in or doing carry out! It is FABULOUS food!

Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple?
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic...ahh memories. Although we have been to Puerto Vallarta twice and I think technically that may be farther. Again...with the smartness not so great with Geography!

Who has the craziest exes?
Its a toss up...but overall exes haven't been a huge problem for us.

Who has the worst temper?
I am one of those people that in many situations am level headed and can talk through a disagreement. I did say MANY situations right? Not all...cause I also can get really mad and yell and scream. I don't normally regret what I say during these moments, but how I said them because it definitely gets lost in translation as I am spitting fire out of my mouth as I am trying to get my point across. So to answer the question, me. P-Daddy is really not hot headed at all. Only when the fire coming out of my mouth (occasionally) grazes him does he have a temper and I don't hold that against him. By the way...I am working on it! :)

Who does the cooking?
Mostly me but it hasn't always been that way. We both enjoy cooking a lot (the Food Network is a staple in this household). While prego P-Daddy cooked literally every night for us. That was amazing! Now that I stay at home I cook almost every night and he does the dishes! I think thats a fabulous trade off! :) I also LOVE desserts (this was realized while prego) and enjoy cooking new and fun sweet treats for us and friends all the time!

Who is the neat freak?
P-Daddy and I both are neat freaks in our own way. His version of "clean" goes like this...the house is picked up and appears clean. His apartments were always "clean." Except the countertops were rarely wiped down (in the kitchen or the baths) and the floors were rarely swept. But for a guys was clean. My version of "clean" takes about 4 hours and consists of some serious elbow grease and spotless everything. So all in all, you can normally lick the floors around here and be safe and sound...while also enjoying that everything has its own place and is organized. I think we are two peas in a pod when it comes to cleanliness! :)

Who is more stubborn?
Me. No need for heard about my temper above, that should explain it. :)

Who hogs the bed?
Neither of us. We have a lovely king size bed and we each have our sides that we stick to on most nights. Sometimes when I am scared I will hog his side and make sure at least one limb is touching him just in case the boogeyman trys to get me. :)

Who wakes up earlier?
Me for the most part but that is mostly because my internal clock is set to when Mr. JD wakes up and I am up and atem before I even hear a peep from him. P-Daddy is right behind me though! I must mention though that having JD has made me a morning person. Prior to him I was a sloth in the morning and work was always lucky to have me show up with an ounce of makeup or my hair dry. It was also best not to talk to me until I had fully woken either as I was one grumpy mess. P-Daddy was pleasent in the mornings and excited to start a new we are opposites! I am sure this will switch again at some point in the marriage as I can't imagine always loving the mornings like I do now...but I am enjoying it while it lasts! :)

Where was your first date?
O'Charleys on good old 38th street. Our fabulous (not really) dog Charlie was named after that lovely occasion. :)

Who is more jealous?
Neither of us are really jealous people. We are both jealous probably the normal amount.

How long did it take to get serious?
Not long, but keep in mind we were friends first and we already knew every basic thing about each other. P-Daddy said the "L" word at Thanksgiving and knocked me off my feet! I wasn't expecting that from him at all! :) I of course had already fallen head over heels but was NOT (there is the stubborness) going to say it first! :)

Who eats more?
P-Daddy...but I can be guilty of trying to eat just like him at times. Again, we both love food so what we are having for our next meal is a staple conversation in our relationship.

Who does the laundry?
Me. Again though...this changed once I chose to stay at home. P-Daddy used to do his laundry and I used to do mine prior to JD.

Who's better with the computer?

Me. Only because in my former life I somehow became in charge of setting up the sales staff's computers so I spent COUNTLESS hours on the phone with IT and picked up a few tricks here and there!

Who drives when you are together?
Its split really. P-Daddy tends to drive on dates and to church and I tend to drive everywhere else we go!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

I haven't rambled in a while and thought today, on this dreary rainy Wednesday, I would. :)

Fun times in February! Outside and playing at the playground with mommy (PS-excuse my bad hair day and paleness...i wasn't expecting a spring type photo shoot in mid February!) :)

First off, The Grammys. Amazing. I love all of the artists getting together and singing remixes of each other's songs.

Coldplay. Coldplay. Coldplay. I HEART THEM! I have hearted them for years but they just keep getting better. And then I saw Chris Martin (lead singer) on 60 minutes Sunday night and I fell in love even more. It helps that I heart his wife too (Gweneth...yes we are on a first name basis...I think she may mention me as her Best Friend Forever on Oprah today...ha!)

Carrie Underwood. I used to tear up every time I saw her sing because I just think she is fabulous and SO GOOD! Now I just smile and stare in aww of how good she is! She, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, even Clay Aiken make me believe American Idol really is worth watching (although it is becoming more dramatically painful to sit through).

Justin (we are on a first name basis too...and don't pretend like you don't know who I am talking about). I have to admit that I went to TWO NSYNC concerts while in college. And they both ROCKED! I would do it again for sure. I have yet to see solo artist Justin in concert but it is on my list because he is so dreamy (can I get an AMEN from the ladies out there).

Neil Diamond, a Great American music glad he showed up and sang for us! Loved it!

That sums up my favorites BUT don't get me wrong...the Grammy's were amazing in every way!

Sad about Chris Brown...I like him.

Ohh...and by the way "Swagger Like Us" (I told you I heart rap)


I haven't been sleeping well lately and it is driving me crazy. I have no problem falling asleep but I wake up about a million times in the night and can't seem to REALLY fall back asleep. Annoying. I am still a ball of energy through the day though which is weird to me because I am normally a girl that needs her slumber. I took Tylenol PM so often towards the end of pregnancy (don't judge the doc said it was safe) that I think I am immune. I took some the other night in the middle of the night because I could not fall back asleep and it made me even more awake than I already was. Sweet.

Maybe I can't sleep because of this :)

I am the girl that can't turn off her brain...but also the one that ends up dreaming weird as heck dreams because of it. The brain activity doesn't normally keep me up. Just a phase I guess (and hope) because being awake in the middle of the night STINKS! I am scared of the dark people and I watch WAY too much 48 Hours Mystery so I get scared.


I never talk about Target but I feel as though I should because it is one of my favorite places. I love the actual place (Super Target though not the "Great Value" variety...cause its NOT the same).

Lets drive this somewhere mom!

Did you know that Target has some of the shortest stocked shelves of all of the "super stores" because they completely cater to women and we ladies aren't normally all that tall. I think that is brilliant. They also only sell 12 packs of pop because it is easier for women to pick them up and we end up purchasing more because of it. I am sure there is more but all of that is so simple yet so great and is probably part of the reason I love to go there.

Don't you just love their commercials too..."ba ba ba ba...this is a brand new day"...just a happy song for a happy store!

Its such a happy place. You should go...especially on a day like today when its rainy and dreary and you need a bright and happy and red place! :)

Okay...we can drive this to Target...if you insist!

But I think we need to get gas first...or do I have gas? Which is it?


I never talk about working out either because I don't find it necessary to do so. Today I will only because I have REALLY been enjoying it lately. Its not that I don't enjoy it normally, but I have REALLY been enjoying it. Which is weird because of the sleep thing.

I used to be a workout-a-holic towards the end of high school and beginning of college. And then I loathed it for many reasons (another day, another blog). Now I really appreciate it in my life again! I'm normally either an all or nothing kind of gal and with this I am trying to find a balance so that it will always be a part of my life. :)

Hey are a baby too but smaller...want to play?

P-Daddy and I have had personal trainers since October and we both have really enjoyed it. They have taught us so much about the right thing to do while spending time at the gym and how to maximize our time. I don't want to give mine up...but I won't have to for a while because we signed up for a year! :) But...the reason I bring them up is that today I just found out that my PT was a professional football player! He failed to mention that to me so we will be having words next week. :)

Too many cameras...can't focus...but Brody smiled for the picture! So cute!

I started doing classes at the gym last week and this week which may have something to do with it. Classes are better than the treadmill. Spinning though...I don't know somedays I would take the treadmill over spinning. I do feel so blessed to have the opportunity to go the gym, give JD a little face time with some children his age, and stay healthy because of it!

You can clap your hands? ME TOO! Lets clap together!!

While we are on working out/weight loss (because as women don't they go hand in hand?)...I was forwarded THIS BLOG last night from a friend. If you are a mom of any kind read THIS POST. I think she sums this subject up well (and completely describes how I feel and have felt post baby at times).

Lets talk Brody...I think we should figure out a way to stay babies forever. Our mommies take such good care of us...its just too good to be true! :)


P-Daddy and I are going out with friends on Friday night. By going out I mean a whole group of friends from college and us are getting together at a Butler Basketball Game (Go DAWGS!), then heading out to our old stomping grounds called Broadripple to enjoy some adult beverages.

UncleBadgeman and R are babysitting...and by babysitting I mean the kind where they come over and spend the night so we have no time limit to get home! We've never done this since JD was born so we are excited (and therefore will probably have one too many of those adult beverages and will probably have to bribe our favorite babysitters to stay for a bit on Saturday while we lay around moaning about the bright lights). :)


Last but CERTAINLY not least....(drumroll please.....)



YEY for them and YEY for getting my very own Sister (even if she only technically of the "in law" version...still closer to a sister than I have ever been!)

Happy Wordy Wednesday Everyone!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Moment in the Snow...Literally a Moment

JD and I ventured into the great white (our backyard) yesterday for him to "experience" a moment in the snow. It was about 40 degrees here in good old Indiana and the 12 inches of snow we have on the ground was starting to melt.

Although I know he won't remember this, I still felt like it was robbing him of something by not at least going out in it once before it melted. And YAHOO it sure did melt...its basically gone because today it got up to 53 degrees!! There are some perks to Global warming right (yes I did just say that...its 53 degrees and February, the worst month of the year...I can't help it that I said it, I had to)?!? :)

JD's snowy adventure in pictures:

Umm...we were having a perfectly good time INSIDE...what is up with this mom? What exactly have you covered my hands with?

I am sinking in this cold white stuff! Help a baby out would ya?

Don't normal people have sleds for their kids? What is wrong with you and dad?

Help me! That stuff you keep calling "snow" got on my hands and is AWFUL!

My favorite, don't ya just want to squeeze him?

YES! I made it!

This is MUCH better...thank you!

I kind of liked the snow mom...I just cried for the camera, I want to go back please...I heard the man on the news and he said it would be gone by tomorrow. I guess since I only have ONE more day, its worth it! Inside is BORING, outside is fun!

And just because its fun to do...this is a picture of fun in the snow from last February...sniff, sniff

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

JD has been a "helper" for quite some time now. Its pretty funny actually because I can't get a broom, mop or even dust rag out without him following me and mimicking everything I am doing (or screaming because he wants what I have). :)

This isn't isolated to home either. We take him to the church nursery on Sundays and apparently they have to hide the cleaning supplies because he goes straight for them when he enters the room. Our boy definitely is not a quitter either because even when they "hide" them he apparently will do everything he can to find them.

Uncle VP got a Dirt Devil Kruz for Christmas and has been raving about it ever since. Its a wonderful device for kitchens and places with hard surface floors. We used to have the "Swiffer Sweeper" and I loved that because it had the swiffer cloth and a little vacuum. I am anal when working on our floors and will sweep, Swiffer Sweep and then mop. Well...the Swiffer broke and we felt like the device in general was kind of cheap, so we felt like it was time for an upgrade! The Dirt Devil Kruz is kind of like a hand held vac but with a handle. Its been a wonderful addition to the Rhyme and Reason household and if you are in the market for something to help you with daily sweeing, we highly reccommend!

I have been seriously considering getting JD a "little man" cleaning supply cart but haven't because I am not sure it would appease him. He kind of likes the big broom, mop, etc. and I think he would still chase me around for the big kid (aka mommy) stuff! Regardless we are happy to have a helper on our hands. Little does he know what we have in store for him as he gets bigger! :)

Don't ask me why he was helping in his underoos! We were in between jammies and clothes for the day and vacuuming was calling! :) Also...note to readers: the vac wasn't on while on the carpet. It actually scares him a bit to have it on. :) He was just "play helping" for now! :)