Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow




Today is a day we will NEVER FORGET!!!

TODAY I couldn't be PROUDER to be a BULLDOG!!!


Today is a BIG, HUGE, no (potentially) the HUGEST day for the Butler Bulldogs men's basketball team. CBS 4:30pm EST, tune in people. It won't disappoint. GO DAWGS!

Today I woke up with a sore throat but I think its due to the stupid Indiana weather: warm, cold, sunny, rain, sleet, freezing, body is not adjusting well.

Today I am going to have coffee with a good friend.

Today my mom is that much closer to becoming a Hoosier.

Today JD woke up without being soaked head to toe in his own pee. That is currently a victory in this house.

Today I got to watch a smidgen of real people morning news before turning to the Disney Channel.

Today we might get to go and hang out with our fellow Butler friends to watch the big game.

Today I will do a lot of text messaging using foul language. I like foul language. So does JD. That's why I will text it and not say it.

Today JD will have blueberry waffles for breakfast...and I will have a fiber bar. Ohh to be two again and eat syrup soaked goodness. :)


YESTERDAY I was on a Butler high. Elite Eight for the first time can do that to someone.

Yesterday I talked to one of my best friends in the whole wide world (and when I say talked, I am pretty sure I talked her face off-sorry KB...its just that miss you and want to get it all in!) :)

Yesterday I finished the project I have been working on at my former sorority house.

Yesterday JD through about 14 "terrible TWO" fits but went to bed peacefully.

Yesterday I applied for a job that I am really excited about. Thanks to a new friend I met watching Butler the night before!


TOMORROW is Palm Sunday and we are going to church. Not really because its Palm Sunday mostly because we want to go to church.

Tomorrow I hope to wake up on a Butler high again ready to purchase tickets to see history be made in the FINAL FOUR of 2010.

TOMORROW, like TODAY oh and YESTERDAY will be days I am thankful for my life just exactly how it is.

(you knew I was going to do it one more time for good measure!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So we are deep into the Madness of March, highlighters in toe and have completely out-bracketed ourselves (if that all makes sense). If you aren't in the know, our Alma Mater played yesterday and are headed to the SWEET SIXTEEN BABY!! GO BULLDOGS!!

Side note: I don't think I have EVER done this poorly on my bracket picks. Thank you Kansas and Villanova. Although the Kansas game was unbelievable to watch. I do love upsets, I just wish I had picked them! :)

Yes, the Butler Men's Basketball squad (I like that word) has done a great job with branding themselves as a team to watch out for (Brad Stevens for President!) in the last decade...but that isn't where I am going to go with the whole branding bit.

Needless to say, JD shocked his momma the other day in the department of words...him saying words that is. He grabbed one of the (way too many) receipts out of my purse and said "Walmart mommy." And low and behold, it was a Walmart receipt. He can't read. He JUST started talking in 4 word sentences and even those sometimes don't make a whole lot of sense. I at that point hugged him and then looked at him as if he had 5 heads, and then told him he was brilliant. I mean I already thought the brilliant thing (don't all mothers?) but really? Logos?

So I tested him and put Target, Kroger, and Walmart receipts in front of him. He name them ALL! Just went one by one and named them. Again, he CAN'T READ! So hats off to these stores because I would have never thunk it. Apparently they brain washed me too (especially Target) with their mad branding skills because I don't think Walmart's is especially smart...but smart enough for a 2 year old to recognize it. So smarter than I thought. Due to my obsession with Target I am thinking that these three stores will probably have patron for life! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You Give Me Fever

We sure have Spring Fever around these here parts. It was one busy week and I have to say I loved every second of it! We went from the dog days of winter (pretty sure that's not a real phrase but I am going to stick with it), being sick with the oh so fun stomach flu as a family (note: I do not recommend) to bright sunny skies, the mounds of snow still in our driveway officially melting, and lots of activities to enjoy...all in a weeks time! So...FEVER it is!

Because I am apparently so proud of all that was accomplished in this week (and maybe just a little bit hoping that the weeks ahead we be just as full, and blogging about it will ensure that right? :) I thought I would spell it out here. Read on if you wish...stalk pictures if you must. :)

Sunday kicked things off for me with a girls only Oscars get together. I have to say, this was so fun I could just (insert something funny right pee myself or something). I haven't watched the Oscars with women in too long to even think about. Its just not the same with the hubs. He doesn't understand why I HATED Charlize Theron's dress, or SJP's hair...but they sure did. And we all judged together. And it was super fun. Totally doing this every year now.

Monday we went to the park in our neighborhood and then to Chick-Fil-A for dinner because Mr. JD was being a bit of a pickle (probably because he caught the FEVER too and I think its a bit overwhelming for a 2 year old) and they have an indoor playground. Funny story: everyone else had this idea too. Funnier story: a grandmother (who happened to have no teeth) decided to be super excited about our son. I am normally cool with this but she crossed the line and ended up making P-Daddy and I SUPER uncomfortable. She started with just wanting a hug from JD, then wanted him to say he loved her, then started tickling him...and then we left. I felt all yucky.

Tuesday JD had school while Aimee and I went to lunch at the hospital to visit Godmom. We never do this and it was so much fun! Jimmy Johns and good conversation in the middle of the day, love it.

Wednesday we had a scheduled Playdate with our group but only two of us could make it. So...we decided to go to a spin class together (we belong to the same gym) and then go to Chick-Fil-A with our kiddos and let them run out some energy (whats funny about Chick-Fil-A coming up twice in one week is that, well its just funny. We aren't really eater-outers) No creepy people were at Chick-Fil-A. Victory.

Wednesday night I went to the mall and bought more skinny jeans (and later wore them with flats...gasp I know...I already broke my "I won't wear skinny jeans with anything but boots that go over them" rule. I liked it though. I liked it a lot. I'm gonna do it again). I also had dinner with Gdub and JBU, sans children. Good wine, good food, great conversation. Lots of laughs. Don't be jealous.

Thursday morning I tried to go to this "body works" class that I adore at my gym (its weight lifting) but unfortunately because I didn't get there an hour early I was not able to attend (if you don't sense my annoyance with this please allow me to let you know right here and right now, this annoys me) so I did my own thang. Never the same though, never the same. Then JD and I drove to Dvegas (my hometown) to have lunch with Papa President and Uncle VP. So fun. Need to do that more often.

Friday P-Daddy took the day off and we took JD to the Children's Museum. Always a great time, always a great nap day. P-Daddy had never been with us so this was super fun for me to watch my boys enjoy this together!

Saturday we braved Walmart in the AM (and I have to say it wasn't bad at all) as we were trying to get some errands out of the way for our big trip we have coming up (more on that later). Nothing was really accomplished but we did detour to Marshalls and I found the perfect chair for my vanity in our bathroom. Uncle VP came over last night and we made homemade ribs, fried cauliflower and mushrooms. P-Daddy rocked it out with the ribs ("I had ribs for lunch, that's why I'm doing this"), they were DELICIOUS!

Today, well, if you don't know what today is then you are weird. Its Selection Sunday! We are throwing a little last minute party in honor of this event. Some pizza, some beer and the beginning of the best tournament there is. Go Bulldogs. I mean GO BULLDOGS!!

Happy Week. Happy Girl. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Shower Sunday

So in college we (as in me and my oh so cool friends) declared most Sundays as "No Shower Sunday." Gross. Yet at the time it wasn't so much. Don't mind the fact that we probably also ate McDonald's twice in that same Sunday. It was also "no bra day", and a sweat pants only zone. Oh yeah...those were the days.

So JD loves showering, as mentioned here, so "No Shower Sunday" has been reintroduced to our lives, but now it only pertains to people who are under 4ft tall that reside here. Oh and we don't eat McDonalds twice (or once for that matter). And I wear a bra and real clothes. Just clarifying... :) Anywho, he is not so happy about this because he sure does love to be clean but I think a one day break won't hurt him!

I did however go ahead and take a VERY PG video of him in said shower, not on a Sunday of course. Think Adam Sandler in Big Daddy PG. Anyway, yes he is lip singing (to his favorite song) more than showering, still though, laugh out loud funny if you ask me.

PS- SELECTION SUNDAY IS THIS SUNDAY! WOOHOO!! Time to fill out those brackets. We should totally start a blogger bracket buster game!! Love me some March Madness!