Whos Who

P-Daddy-my wonderful husband, and JD's amazing father. He is the best thing thats ever been mine.

JD-our super duper son who literally amazes us everyday who is the joy in  my heart. We are so blessed! Note: We also call him "Mr. JD" at times.

Baby J-the newest addition to our family and the light in our lives. 

GranBeck-JD's maternal grandmother who he calls GAGA and is currently his daily sitter.

Fwank-GranBeck's husband

Uncle VP-JD's only maternal uncle. He uses his VP powers to always make JD smile!

Papa President-JD's maternal grandfather who melts everytime he sees his only grandson.

ZD-Papa President's girlfriend

Grandma Principal-JD's paternal grandmother who loves to show him off at her school and read lots of books with him whenever she can!

Grandpa Menard-JD's paternal grandfather who think's that JD is the greatest baby of all time. He loves to watch JD in amazement and tell us how smart he is.

Uncle Badgeman-one of JD's two paternal Uncle who also serves as his Godfather. He is amazing and loves every minute with Mr. JD!

Aunt Ricky-newest member of the family (Uncle Badgeman's wifey), first ever sister, love her to pieces!

Uncle Stinky-JD's second paternal Uncle who resides in the great state of Illinois and is living the good life! He gets JD the coolest toys!

Rae Rae-Uncle Chitown's girlfriend who loves to chat it up with JD about very grown up topics such as architecture and cocktails.

Godmom-is JD's godmother but also is our on call nurse, first call babysitter and one of our greatest friends!