Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A couple of months ago, as I was thinking towards the blustery winter of a future (which translates to I was freaking out that we were going to be cooped up with no plans) so I sent out an email to some friends with kiddos of their own and we created a playdate group! Yesterday was our first get together and since it was so close to Halloween we decided to dress the babes up and take a picture!

All of the babes eating lunch together...I couldn't resist taking this picture!

Introducing: Miss Fifi the Poodle, Miss Lady Bug, Miss Bumble Bee, Mr. Monkey, Mr. Tiger, Mr. Frog and Mr. Baby Frog!

(L to R) M, Addy, Lilly, JD, Jdub, E, Brody

JD (excuse me, Mr. Monkey) will be "trick-or-treating" at his Uncle Matts tonight so I will have more pictures very soon!

Now go and eat way too much is Halloween afterall!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to School

Oh Relax not making any major life changes...just back to Butler that is...for Homecoming!!

Homecoming was always a really big deal at Butler. Like Highschool big. Which makes complete sense because Butler is a college highschool (not in academics, we are talking socially here). Anyway there are parades, queens, lots of competition (and I am not talking about our football team), etc. Also it needs to be noted that Homecoming is the ONLY football game that I think any student (besides actual football players) attend all season. We are Division 1AA so we aren't good and don't play good or cool teams.

I worked weekends when I first graduated (home buyers were calling!) so I have actually only been to "Homecoming" once before this. I missed out on some good times (per a few drunk phone calls I received at work over the years) so I was excited to go back this year and tailgate!

Side note- we all talked and we are pretty sure that drinking adult beverages in Hinkle's parking lot was not allowed when we were in school because I think we would have opted for this instead spending money we didn't have at the bars...

JD has been back on campus with me a few times for walks but this was his very first tailgating experience! It was a good time, just tiring for all! There wasn't much tipsiness going around for the parents...more babies spilling beers and us realizing that babies and beers don't really mix. But all in all our first adult tailgate went really well!

A Rare Occasion, Aimee and I with our babes!

(It isn't great but its literally the only picture I took!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tivo Talk

Its time for a weekly update of "Tivo Talk" (yes I am a dork and have officially named my television critique)!

I have to start out with "The Hills" because this week was RIDONKULOUS with Spencer's smug you know what! Honestly I have never understood Spencer and Heidi and their nightmare relationship but its over the top now. Does anyone know...does he have an actual job? Also...what did he ACTUALLY say or spread around about LC? I know it was something about a sex tape with her ex but is that it? Regardless he is making me not like the show. And Heidi...don't get me started. Who gets so much "work" done when they are 21? She is officially addicted and its sad. (You wanna set your TIVO for this one now don't ya? I understand!)

Mom...whats all this TV talk for? I am not so sure people care what you think about this stuff. I think they come to this blog to see me. You might lose readers if you keep this stuff up! You are forgetting to tell the people what WE do all day. Like have lunch with Godmom...

If you haven't tuned into "Raising the Bar" I would highly recommend. I am a huge Law and Order fan and thought this would be a cheesy knock off but it has turned out to be a refreshing law show that doesnt' focus so much on the crime as it does the court room and I think it might win out over my Law & Order (former) obsession! Who wouldn't love seeing Zach Morris come back? Actually that is the hardest part...he will always be Zach to me (and his character on the show needs a serious haircut), but I am slowly trying to get over Zach and acquainted with his new character!

...We read the paper...

Another drama we are into is "Life." We started last season (which was the first season). It is one of those shows that you have to watch every episode to understand but very interesting. I enjoy that the main character is wierd in a "coping with life" sort of way. He was wrongly accused of killing his friends and sentenced to "life" in prison, except he didn't do it AND now he is out (rich because he sued for a wrongful conviction), back to being a LA cop, living with a man he served time with and trying to figure out "life" (pardon the pun).

...and go to the park...
"Kath and Kim"? Big thumbs down. I am very dissapointed. I think the "season pass" is getting deleted. Sad because I love both "Kath" (Molly Shannon) and "Kim" (Selma Blair). The writers missed the mark on this one.

...we love the park, show them more of the park mom...
We have also been watching a lot of "Saturday Night Live" because of the Thursday bonus episodes. I know everyone thinks this but Tina Fey really does a great job of acting like Sarah Palin. If you missed this Thursday and didn't TIVO this I am sorry because Will Ferrell came back as George W. Bush. I heart Will Ferrell.

...and swinging, you know how much I love swinging at the park! covered it all for now. Next time can we focus more of this blog on me? I am the most important thing in your and daddies life right? :)
"Dirty Sexy Money" is creeping up as one of my fav's. Its kind of like bringing the headlines from PEOPLE magazine to life. I equate the "Darling" family to the "Hilton" family. Its very unrealistic but very intriguing!
Is it sad that I am in week 2 of this and still haven't talked about all the shows I watch? Nahh...girls gotta have a hobby right? :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Professional Pictures and our First Trip to the ER

I will calm your heart rates first and tell you that our first trip to the ER with JD was very low stress. I actually wasn't even sure I was going to blog about it but I do think that it may help a fellow baby blogger out in the future...

Saturday we were all set to go to the local Pumpkin Patch, take the hay ride, pick out a few pumpkins and most importantly take some pictures of Mr. JD (at this point its all about the photo opp right?) :) I was sitting on the floor with JD in my lap reading a book before morning nap time and all of the sudden he started to rub his right eye and before I could even pass it off as him being tired he started blood curdling SCREAMING!! So I turned him around and looked at him and he would not open his right eye (insert a little bit of panic).

Dad, my eye hurts!
P-Daddy came into the room and looked over the situation and said that we should go ahead and lay him down for a nap (see if he would even take one), that maybe he was just overly tired and throwing a fit (although my instincts told me that wasn't true) BUT I settled, laid JD down for a nap and he actually fell asleep for 2 hours! So when he woke up, his eye was red but he seemed to be back to normal. I just thought that maybe he had something in his eye that had bothered it but now all was fine.

Then for the next hour if he got even close to the sun shining in the house he would scream, grab his eye and run away and sometimes even run into things (insert more panic). So I called the pediatrician, or THREE pediatricians total (everyone I called that was supposed to be on call had a message saying "call x doctor now because I am no longer on call today") so I left a message, Mr. On Call said go straight to the ER, do not pass "Go", do not collect 200 dollars, just go to the ER because they are the only facility open today that has the capability to check to see if he has a tear in his cornea (all my drama queen self could think of that moment was that he was going blind).

All better!

Indianapolis has a wonderful Pediatric ER that we went to. Its amazing, they were amazing and they made him all better! P-Daddy and I were calm. We were actually somewhat skeptical that it was anything more than something in his eye. That our first trip to the ER was going to be a big fat laugh because they were going to give us Natural Tears eye drops, chuckle at us a little, and then send us out the door with a big bill to follow in the next 30 days. Turns out we were wrong and he did in fact have a Corneal Abrasion. It was painful to watch them check for this BUT with some Baby Motrin, and the medicine he was SERIOUSLY all better in less than 24 hours. The eye apparently is the fastest regenerating (aka healing) thing in our bodies. Apparently babies get these all the time because they have something that has gotten in their eye and they itch it and it scratches the cornea. Who knew?

Last year we had professional pictures taken as a family by Bobbi and Mike Photography. They are AMAZING and I am so glad that we invested in this for his newborn photos (see an example on the right of the blog labeled "family photo"), but this year we decided that JD should be the star of the show by himself and we went for a more "traditional" or what I like to call "old school" route and took him to Portrait Innovations (which I would highly recommend if you are thinking of going this route on photos. Their staff is professional, you can normally make an appointment and get in the same day, they are affordable, AND you get your pictures same day). Although it isn't completely candid (which is more my style), you can definitely see his personality shining through! Here a few of our favorites!

Our Favorite!

Mom, can we PLEASE still go to the Pumpkin Patch? These aren't real!

Dad stop! You are too funny!

I'm ONE!

Why don't we just take this Bear home with us? Seems logical to me Mom and Dad!

You want me to what? Sit on this chairs are for standing sillies!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Its time to set your TIVO's!

I decided, after reading a fellow blogger's site that it was probably time that my opinoinated self started to review the television shows I watch. Because like its like I said here (#82) so I may as well right?

So first I will give you the down low on my 2008 Fall TV it goes (no judging please-and if you judge, judge silently! :)

Chuck, Boston Legal, The Hills, Raising The Bar

Tuesday: The Biggest Loser

Wednesday: Lipstick Jungle, America's Next Top Model, Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, Project Runway

Thursday: Survivor, Kath & Kim (jury is still out on this one), The Office, Grey's Anatomy

Friday: The Starter Wife, Life

Saturday: 48 hours Mystery, Saturday Night Live

Sunday: The Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters (my favorite)

I won't bother you with boring details from all of the above but there are some highlights I am going to touch on...

Mom, this show isn't on your list! Can I watch it with you?

Lets start with Grey' anyone else dissapointed with this season thus far? Meredith and Derrik is a big fat yawn of a relationship and very predictable! I thought Ross and Rachel were bad and that was the 90's! The writers on this show need to step up their game or they might just lose me!

On the other hand Paul and I just started to watch Boston Legal this season and we are in love! Its HILARIOUS! I would highly reccommend if you like "guy" humor. You can pick this show up whenever...we did!

I have been a BIG fan of Brothers & Sisters from its pilot episode. I love that they are dealing with a soldier coming home from war. Its completely fictional but I have a feeling that the writers either know someone that has come home from this war, or one from the past. This show pulls at my heart strings on a weekly basis and makes me want to have a HUGE family. Even with the drama you can feel the love through the screen. So as you can probably already tell, this one is my FALL FAVORITE!

JD and Lilly practicing WWF moves (I don't know where they got this since babies aren't allowed to watch TV AND we don't watch anything resembling wrestling)

My Guilty Pleasure is The Hills. Who doesn't heart Lauren Conrad? I watch in amazement every week at how these people actually got MTV to come to their high school (or how MTV just wanted to come to their high school) and make them famous...then flip to the spin off show of Lauren and her fabulous life. Driving Mercedes Benz at the ripe age of 18, living in LA, getting whatever freaking job you want because you are who you are. Its a far cry from Dvegas!

I getting to the point where I am OVER the Biggest Loser and Survivor. I mold these two together because I do not think that either of them will ever go away! Survivor has such a huge fan base that I really don't think it will ever go away unless they have made it to every piece of untouched land in the world. The Biggest Loser is such an unbelievable show that gives people such hope that I don't think its going anywhere either. I love the concept of Biggest Loser but just can't stomach the week to week banter anymore. I will be tuned in for the finale though. Those weight loss stories are unreal!

The Office, I shouldn't even have to comment on this one because everyone should already be watching this program every week (and the repeats that air on TBS). This show is fabulous! And on a side note, Target is now selling Office paraphanalia in their SEE.SPOT.SAVE section. Its only a dollar so it may be good for stocking stuffers for those who care!

Why are you crying Lilly? I thought we were playing!? (says the boy who likes to slap other babies on the head to say "hello"...we are working on being gentle!)

The Season Finale of Project Runway is tonight. My TIVO screwed up last week so I didn't get to see Part 1 of this finale and read somewhere that it was Jerrell (sp?) that was kicked off. I am sad about this because he was my favorite and pick to win. Now I am voting for Cato (sp again?). She has a good vision and is a nice person (at least as far as reality tv goes).

Where did Lilly go? Did I win with my baby wrestling moves?

Last but not least is Desperate Housewives...I thought this show would only last one season, if that! Now I am into this one more than Grey's! I never thought I would say those words! But its so bad its good and so far out there that I watch it purely for entertainment. I am not vested in the characters like I am with B&S. Lets be honest ladies, its a night time soap opera.

If you were into this post, comment. And please feel free to ad anything you feel like I forgot! I may make this a weekly thing if my readers are into it!

Happy Hump Day! Its a great night of TV, so set those TIVO's!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


To my best friend AMY and her FIANCE Paul! The Dumas Fam wishes you the best engagement day and evening and MANY, MANY, MANY more happy years of marriage to come!

The Beautiful Couple

Visit Amy's blog to get the scoop on the wonderful proposal!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun Times at the Children's Museum

One of my girlfriends became a "member" of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis a while back and has been begging me to bring JD to play ever since. For whatever reason I have been hesitant (well actually I know the reason, it was because I sometimes have a fear of the unknown and by unknown I mean I really didn't understand how he was going to play at a museum and he is and has been pretty over his stroller unless we are on a walk and even then its a gamble, whew!). So I finally gave in today and we went! And I am a fool for waiting so long because the museum is SO FUN!

The Children's Museum is wonderful (if you are ever in the area, you should plan to go, it really is that amazing). I think it is either the largest Childrens Museum in the Nation or World (I know, there is a big difference but I am just letting you know, its a big deal! :). Regardless of the fact that it is the biggest, I am pretty sure the children's play room is the best (okay so I have never been to any other Children's Museum so I am only speaking from my ONE experience). Its filled with water tables, climbing areas and sand tables. JD seriously was in his own little personal wonderland. He walked around like he owned the place as I helped him dodge knocking down other babies and their parents (and apologized along the way). :)

We are taking P-Daddy back very soon and I think we are going to become members too! Thank you to Sam and Bridget for showing us the amazing fun babies can have at a museum!

PS-I realize that I typed "Childrens Museum" a ridiculous amount of times and it kind of annoyed me too but I just couldn't bring myself to go back and change it. Sorry! :)

PSS-If JD gets sick, I might rethink the whole joining thing. However, I still will stand by the amazingness! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

You've Got To Have Friends...

I don't know why I am so excited about this but for whatever reason I am. JD has some new "friends" around the house and I just think its thrilling (I know, I need to get out more often)! :)

He first discovered his Doggie. He got this from our dear friends Brian and Caroline for his birthday. Its a Butler Bulldog so its even more special than just a regular Doggie! As seen below he knows what his doggie is and loves to find him and give him kisses!

Next came his oh so soft Bear that I got when I was prego with him from our dear friend KB. He sleeps with Mr. Bear now and before he was fine with leaving him in his crib but now everytime I go in to get him he has the bear (by the neck-its a loving choke hold though) and has the death grip on mr. bear. So he is now a part of our downstairs play time too. Again, I think it is super exciting that he now has a "friend" that he can snuggle with at bedtime!

Mr. Bear and I are gonna get you mommy! Start Running!

I love you Mr. Bear

Last but certainly not least we have the monkey. The monkey is technically a baby leash that Grandma purchased while visiting (I think she is worried we might lose JD while in public-Grandma's worry about these things). It might be the cutest baby leash ever! I am not 100% on board with the leash and baby thing but for now the monkey is a friend and a fun backpack to carry things in!

I'm ready for a trip mom! I've got my backpack that we can fill with stuff!

I know I sound like a cheesy mom but I don't care...its fun to watch him be so excited about each new discovery! Happy Monday everyone!