Friday, October 30, 2009

Spooktacular Times...

We have been "enjoying" Halloween a bit more this year with our JD. I put enjoying in quotations because we are not Halloween people at all. We have neighbors that decorate the outside of their home like it is Christmas? Seriously, black and orange lights and huge blow up pumpkins, fake spider webs, the whole bit. Are they kidding me? And we aren't Halloween fans. We don't like scary movies, we don't like trick or treaters, we don't like candy around the house (which equals we have very little will power), we don't like haunted houses, corn mazes, or candy corn. We are Bah Humbuggers to Halloween. There I said it. And I meant every word.

It was this time last year that we had our first play date (insert--awwwww). We dressed the kids up in their said Halloween costumes for a photo opp and started our tradition of a monthly playdate. I have so appreciated this time with my friends who happen to also be mommies of little ones right around JD's age. I feel blessed to have this outlet in my life and I don't say it enough. Click here if you would like to take a walk down memory lane.

This year was a special year for the playdate group though because Mr. Donald Trump himself showed up! Yes you heard it right, Donald Trump. See below...I wouldn't lie to you!

"Don't mind me, just looking over one of my developments that made me millions"-The Donald

But it was a special event I tell you because so did Superman, Tinkerbell, a baby fish, Scooby Doo, and ANGELS were there too.

Just like Donald to be a player

We had fun at a pumpkin patch near our home last Sunday (see photos). It honestly was WAY more fun than I had imagined, and I am talking on behalf of JD here. There were barnyard animals, and since we have yet to make it to our zoo this was JD's first time around live animals. He LOVED mimicking their noises, especially the pigs! Oink! There was also a "moo-choo" train which I got the pleasure of riding along with Mr. JD and to say he was in awe would be an understatement. So fun to experience a moment through the eyes of our child.

I do not get the whole pumpkin patch obsession though. What happened to just buying your pumpkin at the grocery store, carving it to look like what pumpkins are supposed to and leaving it at that. I almost felt a little peer pressured to take my two year old there. Almost. Turns out I did pay over double the price for my pumpkin by purchasing it at this patch. There goes the family budget. I kid, people, I kid. But still, these pumpkin people are laughing all the way to the bank with mine and yours and yours and mine money. On pumpkins. Excuse me while I go plant a pumpkin farm.

So seriously we do wish you and yours a Happy Halloween. Be Safe. Don't eat too much candy and get sick or drink to much vodka and get sicker. :) And don't forget to wash your hands.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life and TV in Review...

WARNING: this blog is going to be all over the place!

So this past weekend Uncle Badgeman and R got hitched!! I really should say "married" though because it was a beautiful wedding and the word hitched kind of makes it sound like they got married in a courthouse. Which I am not judging at all, but this couple did not go that route so I should respect that. "R" by the way has officially been renamed to "Aunt Ricky" just tellin ya for future reference. All of the pictures showcased on this here blog is from their wedding...enjoy!

Bride and Groom....awwww!

We are so thrilled for Aunt Ricky and Uncle Badgeman, which needs to be mentioned. They are so cute and so in love! I have always loved weddings because the happy couples involved are so giddy about their new life together. Its a beginning and a different beginning for everyone, but its happy every time. Who can't love that? My favorite line from every wedding is from a bible verse (I am not sure which one, so please excuse me) but it goes something like "what God has put together, let no man tear apart." Gives me chills every time. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Feels like God is right there with everyone putting the couple together, making them ONE. I love it.

JD was the ring bearer, can it get any cuter than this toddler in a tux?

I wish Aunt Ricky and Uncle Badgeman the best life has to offer...oh and if you want to see the video I made for their rehearsal dinner, CLICK HERE. :)


I haven't done a TIVO TALK this season. I know I'm being a slacker. Gonna do this flyby style...

Uncle VP and JD (Uncle VP is the lucky one, he is the only family member that got a photo opp with our little one. OOPS!)

Overall, I am pretty excited that it seems the sitcom is making a comeback. I do love my drama's but honestly I have had to drop a few of them due to their over-dramaticness! And lets be honest sitcoms=funny (most of the time) and its way more fun to laugh than it is to cry!

New Shows:

Modern Family (ABC)-Pretty freaking hilarious overall. I think this one could stick. I love the Claire's husband Phil. Its not slap stick funny, but cute enough.

How cute is Uncle VP's girlfriend?

Cougar Town (ABC)-I know you were probably thinking everything I was about this show. But honestly, this IS slap stick funny! I laugh out loud almost every week! And if you are one of those that judged the book by its cover, you are missing out. Last week, for example Courtney Cox's character found the sex tape her and her ex hubby made when they were 19 and her and her girlfriends drank wine and watched the PG parts and laughed! Lets be honest, Courtney Cox is just funny.

The Good Wife (CBS)-This one IS a Drama but I kind of like where they have taken it. The show starts out with a cheating husband who happens to be the state's attorney. He was caught with hookers, steps down and is in prison currently. I like that they have made the wife's character strong, smart and pretty darn "real." I like that its not all about the cheating husband, which I originally thought it was going to be. I like that its kind of like watching an on going movie once a week. This one may not last but I am going to enjoy it while it does.

The First (and ONLY) Wives Club :)

Community-All I have to say about this one is I am giving it ONE more week. Chevy Chase is disappointing!

Hi my name is P-Daddy and I look JUST like my real Daddy! Scary huh?!

Oldies But Goodies:

Grey's Anatomy-Still a favorite but its moving on down the list. I think this merger might just be what saves them because last week's episode somewhat resembled (to me at least) the earlier days of Grey's WHERE I ACTUALLY LAUGHED!

Private Practice-I really wasn't and maybe never will be over the fact that some crazy lady cut Violet's baby out of her and they left us ALL SUMMER waiting to know what happened. Cruel. Anyway, I am not really on board with Violet's decision to give up the baby but they are staying true to her character by what they have done here which I do like. Overall, this is one of my VERY favorite shows. I do cry and don't laugh, but this is a drama worth watching in my book.

The Office (NBC)-we are serious Office followers in this house. But I have to be honest that before this season started I was kind of getting tired of the same old story line week after week. Dear Office writers, YOU TOTALLY REDEEMED YOURSELF with Pam and Jim's wedding. Thank you for that...I still watch it once a week because it makes me THAT HAPPY and its THAT FUNNY! You are back on the "A" list.

Brother's and Sisters (ABC)-Kitty (Calista Flockhart) has cancer, and I love Kitty and I love Nora (Sally Field) and every time Nora crys about anything I am right there with her. This show is UBBER dramatic but I love it. I want to be a part of this dysfunctional family and every Sunday I feel like I sort of am. And really, isn't that what TV is supposed to do for us? Take us out of our own reality and plop us right into a fake one?! Its what I am going with anyway. I heart this show.

Reality Division:

The only one noteworthy (in my opinion) is Project Runway. This show is bar none the BEST reality TV can get. Pure talent, I tell ya! Whoever thought of this was brilliant cause we women are typically the target audience and we women sure do like our clothes. Oh and I heart Heidi Klum. In my next life I would like to have her face and body. Thank you very much.

Best Show Overall (for now):

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (CBS)-Freaking awesome! Especially if you are in my age group (25-34, yes I gave you a range, deal with it). If you haven't started by now, you need to watch it! Your TIVO can catch you up because Lifetime is now showing at least two re-runs every Monday evening. Its amazing. The end.

Back soon...won't go as long this time-promise!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Skinny and More...

*Before reading, if you need to get caught up, click HERE to read the original Skinny post.*

NEWSFLASH, I am totally "The Skinny" now...I know, crazy how that happens huh? One day I woke up and I had lost an amount of pounds (overnight mind you) that will remain top secret, oh and I grew 5 inches and now resemble Heidi Klum. Its amazing what I have been missing way down there now that I can see the world from a whole new level (my new height people, stay with me) Regardless, whew was that easy or what! KIDDING, women (and men if you are out there, hello to you too). The Skinny is really not about being SKINNY anyway now is it?!

On a side note, speaking of the above and "miraculous" weight loss...I LOATHE women who do lose weight drastically and when asked they say "I don't know, it just fell off, I swear I am not doing anything different." First of all, if that REALLY is the case, then someone should tell them that they should go see their MD because something is probably wrong with them (I know its hard, cause they are The Skinny and we lose focus but really, losing weight and doing nothing probably equals something wrong). My point is there is ALWAYS something attributed to losing weight "randomly"...a bad break up, "forgetting" to eat (which on a side note I really never thought was possible but did forget to eat a few times during wedding planning for our nuptials because I really was that busy...but as soon as I realized I forgot, not to worry people, I ate something so I am pretty sure a meal was NEVER skipped...bitch get cranky when she's hungry! HA!), a death, deep hidden issues, picking up smoking, sickness (even a cold), etc. All of which is SOMETHING and did attribute to weight loss, so quit LYING people, QUIT LYING because it drives all of us crazy. Bonkers actually.

I was and still am overwhelmed by the response I received from all of you amazing women out there on the original Skinny post. Many of you I actually know in real life so it was interesting to see your take on this as in college we really would have never shared on a subject like this. It was more like "Do I look fat in this?" every.single.night. (oh and if you don't know, I am talking mostly about myself-ha!) I found inspiration in a lot of your words, for myself, for others and most importantly FOR YOU. I really do only share things as personal as The Skinny because I know I am not alone and that my words may inspire, help, comfort another human being going through a similar journey. When you post comments on something as personal as The Skinny I really do believe you are not just talking to me, but to yourself too. I think some of you were trying to convince yourself in one way or another about your Skinny journey...and I have been praying for you. Being honest with yourself about every little feeling you have about life is the best gift you can give to YOU.

My journey with the Skinny has been rather pleasant as a couple of things have happened. I am doing that honest thing (mentioned in the final sentence of the paragraph above-got that? HA!) with myself and really have learned to love who I am right now. I do believe loving that person, namely good old me, exactly how I am in any particular moment of my life may be the single hardest thing of my journey. Oh and people, before you judge that this is super selfish because looks are not that important, I am NOT talking just about my appearance. Loving yourself includes loving your mistakes, forgiving yourself, and moving on to the present. I am my worst critic. So the Skinny for me includes trying to love that girl in the mirror that is hanging out on the INSIDE. :)

I'd love to know if any of you tried the whole looking at yourself naked in the mirror thing...I am still working through that. ITS HARD, don't lie, cause it is.


And just for good measure (and because my brain is full again) are some random thoughts I have had lately:

P-Daddy and I went cruisin into the Caribbean for our 5 year anniversary and since this was the first plane ride I had taken in over 2 years I was AMAZED at the amount of people that carry on their luggage when it is CLEARLY too big for the "overhead compartment." It amazes me because yes, I agree, the airlines making us pay an extra $20 for our luggage seems like a rip off because it was always "included" but people you already paid $200+ dollars for your plane ticket...what is $20?? On that note, I was also amazed at how crappy people are to the flight attendants in general.

I balled my eyes out last week when George died on Grey's Anatomy. Especially when Meredith cried. I ALWAYS cry when Meredith cries...

So JD can get his arms out of the straps of his car seat...and NO it isn't that I don't tighten it enough because I do, believe me. Being on the highway seeing him bent over, half out of his car seat is reason enough to make sure those straps are almost TOO tight (and yes I did pull over and strap him back in, immediately). Doesn't matter though, he pulls down the clip that is supposed to go over his chest and wiggles his way out. I am looking for help and advice here. I have heard of this before and just am wondering if there is a handy dandy device out there to stop this madness. :) Thank you in advance if you know of anything!

I wore a bikini on the cruise. Two pieces, stomach exposed. No one died at the site. You should have been there, it was HOT.

I have discovered in my quests at the gym that I REALLY hate the instructors of spin classes that yell at you and tell you that if you are not winded then you really aren't working out hard enough AND they scream at the class to work harder and don't be lazy. Here is my deal...most likely if you got your butt to a spin class you probably aren't THAT lazy of a person to begin with...oh and while you yell you mean, mean women, I sit and huff and puff and think about blowing your house down.

"How I Met Your Mother" is the best show on television right now, hands down.

If you are not on Facebook, you really should join. Its worth the pure entertainment of your "friends" status updates. Oh and the reason I put friends in quotations is because I have 345 "friends"...lets face it I am a "friend horror" because I just can't say no to people even if we weren't ever REAL friends in college, high school, or even middle school for that matter. But really those people's status updates are my favorite anyway...freaking laugh out loud funny people.

I am not sure there is much better than college football Saturday's where the house is filled with smells of something being made in the crock pot, the sound of the roaring crowd in the background, hoodie sweatshirts and jeans.

I'm in the market for a pair of peep toe black leather heels. Anyone have a favorite pair or brand that they would like to share? And by share I mean tell me what brand they are or where you purchased them, just clarifying! :)

I love fall. A lot of people say this but they also say they LOVE summer too. Nope people, fall is it for me. I could totally bi pass the hot days of summer and live in a bliss of fall every day of my life! :)

I don't care if you put baby in a corner.

JD knows how to take an OREO a part and lick the icing first and then eat the cookie. No one in our house eats Oreos except for him (okay so maybe me sometimes too, but I eat the whole cookie TOGETHER, and nothing but the cookie so help me God) so I find this interesting that he knew how to go for (what most normal people consider) the good stuff first when no one taught him.

I am not perfect nor am I even remotely close. Just throwing that out there. I really hope I don't portray that. I struggle with my relationship with God, my own family, my friends, and as you know my own Skinny.

I am singing in Uncle Badgeman's and R's wedding in 16 days. Oddly I am not nervous...pray for me anyway please.

I saw this verse this morning and think it is lovely:
If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head. Do no be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans: 12: 20-21