Sunday, September 28, 2008

JD's Movie Premier

I became an IT geek and got it to work (no offense to IT geeks, I think you are fabulous)! Below is our little peanuts first year! Enjoy (you may want to grab a soda, cocktail or beverage of choice too...its a long one!) There is music too so don't forget to turn up your speakers (its not the same without music, I promise)! :)

A Whole New World

Yesterday Mr. JD officially became a big boy in the car seat world as we turned that bad boy around to the forward facing position. At JD's one year appointment our pediatrician told us that the car seat positioning was up to us. He said that the safest position is rear facing as long as his feet aren't crammed up against the back seat. Well...he was pushing it with his feet a little AND he was screaming every where we went, so we made the decision.

It was a whole new world for sure! We just went to Panera to pick up dinner so it wasn't a long drive but he was smiling and "talking" the entire time!

Here are some photos of our big boy!

"Dad, I'm a Big Boy now, let me help you out here!"

"Whoa...this is kind of neat."

"This is WAY better mommy and daddy...thank you!"

Monday, September 22, 2008

10 Years Ago in Dvegas...

...I graduated from high school! Actually 10 years ago right now I was a couple weeks into being a freshmen in college. That is CRAZY to me!

This weekend was my 1o year reunion. Myself, and good friends Talia and Nikki were the planners so we have been working on this for about a year. As far as class reunions go, I think we did a pretty darn good job (not to pat us on the back or anything!). The only hard thing about planning is getting people to RSVP which was extremely challenging. We definitely had a lot of people show up that didn't say they were coming but of course we were very glad to welcome them!

Talia, Nikki and I

We started off the weekend at a local watering hole that we frequent when we go home. Papa President and VP came out for this which was a great time! I seriously don't think that I stopped talking that night and the next day when I thought about it I was hoping that everyone around me had a few to many too (which turns out they did so my chatter box self wasn't even a blip on the radar-whew) The next evening was the actual class reunion at our local country club. We just made CD's with both casual and dance music not knowing what mood the crowd would be in. Turns out...they all wanted to watch our ridiculously long senior video (its for real 30 minutes) followed up by our senior show. It was fun to watch it with everyone!

VP,Papa President and me

My oldest friends Sara, Annie, Mandy and me

I was excited to go back to good old Dvegas and do some serious reminiscing. There were good friends (I mean girls I went K-12 with) that I hadn't seen in probably close to 10 of those years. That is sad to me that we lost touch (and I am hoping to stay in touch so we don't go another 10 years) BUT we did pick up right where we left off as if no time had passed. I think we all kind of fell back into our ways for a split second too. P-Daddy kept making fun of me as I would go and chat saying "just leave me and go be popular." Which is funny to me because even though I ran in what most would consider a "popular" crowd in high school I never really felt popular. As I write that I even feel dumb because at this point IT DOESN'T MATTER and I love that(but I am not going to lie that 10 years ago it did-which is why I think women get excited about their late twenties and early thirties because all of that jazz is ancient history)! Everyone mingled with everyone and it was wonderful! P-Daddy was an amazing husband and date as usual! We had a wonderful time!

Nikki, me, Amy and Talia


My good girlfriends

As we took the group photo of the class of 1998 we definetely starting cheering like high schoolers all of our old high school cheers! Ha! So here is to the class of 1998! I am so proud of all of my friends. They are all amazing people that are doing wonderful things with their lives!

DHS is the best (or at least the class of 98 is!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

They Say its HER birthday...

I want to wish my great great friend Aimee a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!

Here is to you Aim!

A great wife...


And Friend...


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

JD is ONE!

It still hasn't sunk in that one year ago JD was just a little peanut! He now looks (and sometimes acts) like what we would consider a 3 year old (even though we have no concept of what a three year old looks or acts like).

Saturday (his actual birthday) was a great day! We kind of celebrated with sugar all day (which is funny because other than the occasional Gerber Puff he really hasn't had anything with sugar in it). There were definetely a few firsts on his FIRST birthday...
First Doughnut...

First Haircut...

First Ice Cream Cone...

It was weird to put him to sleep on his birthday for one reason or another. I kind of didn't want the day to end. I literally remember (almost) everything from the day he was born and I kept picturing that day, all of the visitors, trying to learn how to use a breast pump, snuggling with our beautiful new baby boy, the hospital outfits for him...I don't know just everything and I guess I wanted to feel the same way about his FIRST birthday. I wanted to soak it all in so that next year I would have lots of nostalgia that I can keep growing on.

Sunday we woke up to what P-Daddy and I like to call "chinese firedrill"...we seriously didn't stop moving all day! It was PARTY time and we had to get us ready, JD ready, and the house ready. Luckily I had been a bit of a psycho leading up to this special day so there really wasn't much to do with the house other than lay out the food (so that is my case as to why it is okay to be a psycho stress the day of!). was a good time!

We are big (okay maybe HUGE) Colts fans so we themed the party accordingly! It was a fun theme that the adults and kiddos could all get involved in! The weather was crappy so most of the day was spent inside but we made the best of it!

Addy, Lilly and Jdub came to help their friend was lots of fun watching them play together!

JD had his first cupcake (and we realized that he is a doughnut man because he LOVED the doughnut and really didn't like the cake so much).

He got THREE baby cars!! Apparently people are into him driving at a young age! Thanks to VP, one of the cars is even motorized (and YES the box says "ages 12-36 months"...I think its crazy because it goes 2 miles per hour-we bought a helmet).

It was a wonderful first birthday that I know he will only remember due to the hundreds of pictures I took and I am thankful that we were able to do this! Thank you to all who came, saw and conquered the first year with us! Here is to many, many, many more!

PS-So I did make a video, but along with the computer crashing so went the video. Yes, of course I have it burned to like a hundred DVD's but I can't seem to get it reloaded to the computer to then load it onto blogger. If and when I can become a computer geek and figure this out, you will see JD starring in his first movie!
PSS-I am sorry that I have been away for a while...AGAIN. Its because the storm we had the day of JD's party knocked out our DSL and I have been without internet! I think we are good now...officially with a squeeky clean computer and a brand new DSL box!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello blogger friends! Oh how I have missed my blogging (and stalking blogs too). Our computer crashed last week so I have been without until a couple of days ago!

JD turns 1 tomorrow and I can hardly believe it! I made a video that I will post in honor of him-but you have to wait until tomorrow! His big party is on Sunday! We are excited to have friends and family over to celebrate our first year with our little guy!! I am a party planner (hence Beyond Planning) so I seriously have been planning this party for over a month! And no I am not pulling a Tori and Dean and hiring a real monkey or renting a train for our back yard or anything (not even close actually) but I have stressed over the details. :) Its what I do its nothing unusual, except for that its for JD-the single most important person in our world!


The dining room has been done for a while but I hadn't gotten around to posting the pictures so I have done so below. We really like how it turned out! We are trying to implement some color into our home! This was a bold choice for us but I think its a keeper!


And After...

More to come tomorrow-JD's last day as an 11 month old! (sniff, sniff-and a tear!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The 100 Things You May or May Not Have Known About Me

1.I can sing
2.I was a fair queen
3.I am a lover AND a fighter
4.I played every sport possible (for women) in my lifetime (so far)
5.I used to be a smoker (and at the time, I loved it)
6.I love to get my nails and toes done
7.My favorite sport is Tennis
8.I have always worried about my looks
9.My first bike was a pink Huffy from a garage sale
10. I love vacation
11. I don’t like to fly
12. I HATE elevators
13. I work really hard at everything I do
14. I like to be uplifting to those around me
15. I look just like my mom (my mom is beautiful to me)
16. I loved college
17. I LOVE to drive
18. I sing loudly in my car
19. I hated being pregnant
20. I am a good friend
Friends Thanksgiving 2007

21. Blue Moon Beer is my favorite
22. I hate liars
23. I had a great childhood
24. I am the “rock” in my family
25. I love my blue eyes
26. I love that Jacob has blue eyes
27. I love my middle name
28. I LOVE being a mother and a wife
29. I think southern California has the perfect climate
30. Fall is my favorite season
31. I am just like my dad in a lot of ways
32. I don’t like to own cars, just SUV’s
33.I am very opinionated
34. I laugh at my own jokes
35.I like to dance but am not very good at it
36. I walked into college optimistic and naïve
37. I walked out of college optimistic
38.I shop on the sale racks first
39. I never wore makeup on a regular basis until college
40. I love purchasing gifts for other people

P-Daddy and I on vacation

41. I love to host
42. I don’t think anyone can get my house as clean as I can
43. I don’t understand jealousy
44. I fold everything
45. My brain is always busy thinking
46. I am a planner
47. I talk…a lot
48. When I get nervous…I talk more
49. I have won karaoke contests
50. I was super involved in high school
51. I avoided involvement in college
52. I don’t really like competition unless it involves singing
53.I don’t like pettiness
54. I don’t like living in separate states as my mom
55.I live to not regret anything
56. I can talk about homes or homebuying for hours
57. I will most likely be your friend within minutes of meeting you (if you let me of course!)
58.People always tell me their life story on airplanes
59. I love diamonds
60. I pray everyday
VP, me, Papa President

61. I enjoy that I came from Dvegas
62. I am my brothers biggest advocate and always will be
63. I have ridiculous intuition
64. I can read people really well
65. I am sometimes misunderstood
66. I am a t-shirt and jeans type of gal (hot jeans though)
67. I have been a fake blonde since 7th grade
68. I have two Harrington Rods in my back because I had scoliosis as a child
69. I remember everything
70. I don’t like to get gifts, I like to get thoughtful gifts
71. I don’t cry very often and when I do its normally because it’s the only emotion left.
72. I have both a myspace and a facebook page
73. I love to do the crossword in People Magazine every week
74. I could eat dessert after every meal
75. I don’t drink caffeine
76. Its hard for me to think about or do for myself
77. I am very creative
78. I do not like to be around negative people
79. Target is my adult Disney World
80. I am scared of the dark

Me trying to dance at a wedding in Puerto Vallarta

81. I fall asleep to one version or another of Law and Order every night (thank you TIVO)
82. I watch way too much television
83.I have always wanted to be older than I am in the moment (until 21 and then I could have stopped there)
84. I have lost my license because of too many speeding tickets in one years time
85.I do not like it when people are rude for no reason
86. I did not enjoy corporate B.S.
87. Sometimes ignorance is bliss
88.I hated being treated differently at work once I became pregnant, it was one of many times I realized that you have to work twice as hard to get somewhere in corporate America as a woman (and yes I am on my soap box about that one too!)
89. I believe that you can control your destiny
90. I do not read books when it comes to questions about raising my child
91. I did not read pregnancy books either
92. I have been a "maid of honor" once
93. I aspire to be a business owner
94. I do not like being taken advantage of
95. I worry about things I can’t control
96. I never had braces
97. I do not like repeating myself
98. I love the small things in life
99. I took 4 semesters of Spanish in college and can still only say “hola”
100. This was harder than I thought it would be! Whew! Glad I did this though!