Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Uncharted Territory

Lots and lots of "new" in the Glory Day's household. Don't know about you or you or even you over there, but we don't ALWAYS deal with change that well. On a side note: while in sales in my former, former life (did you catch that?) I saw several seminars on change and how to effectively handle it as adults. Interesting stuff. At that point in my life I hadn't even thought about change, let alone it being difficult. Turns out, I should have paid more attention.

Lets see, where shall I start? Well Granbecks and The Engineer have been living with us for 2 weeks now. They officially made it here from sunny California and are awaiting their moving truck to come and bring them their furnishings in order to move into their home. A toddler with an acquired attitude (see below for further detail), a Grandma, a dog, a cat, P-Daddy, The Engineer and me have all been living happily ever after. Its been interesting. But I have to say, it still feels like they are here just for a visit.

Having my mom here, in the same vicinity (they are living in the city next to ours), 15 minutes away is going to for sure be a change. I haven't lived this close to my mom since I was 19 years young. Try 10 years ago. Try that was hard to type because 10 years goes wayyyy to fast. I am not complaining about her closeness at all. We are thrilled. Just going to be a big change.

Speaking of Granbeck, I should probably mention that another big change a coming is that I got a J-O-B! That change still for sure hasn't sunk in. Not even close. Its a cool job. Its giving me the best of all worlds (in my humble opinion) as I will be working from home full time doing interesting stuff. I wanted full time employment but wanted to work from home (at least a little) and this, well I truly believe God handed this one to me. I feel blessed.

Back to Granbeck...she will be babysitting JD full time for us. This is what she wanted. This is what we wanted. I literally got this job the day before she arrived. To God be the Glory!

Speaking of my new job, well I start it very soon. You know, two days after we get back from our Greek Isles cruise. Another change. I have never been abroad....on a plane...for 9.5 hours...anyway back to the abroad part. So excited about that! I am pretty sure I am going to pretend I am in at least ONE scene of Mama Mia while there. I also might catch myself drinking (and shipping home) too much local wine. P-Daddy worked really, really hard last year and was awarded this trip through his work so we will be traveling with about 150 other people from the FBI. Don't worry, I will be on my best behavior. Long time away from JD, another change, but this is a once in a lifetime kind of trip. Pray the Dramamine knocks me out on the flight! :)

Speaking of JD, well he has officially entered the "terrible twos"...whatever that means. But I actually DO know what it means and I actually dislike it and I was actually in denial that my sweet pie son would ever be in this phase of life. He still is a sweetie pie, for the most part. But LORDY LORDY when he gets himself worked up we may as well just realize that the next half hour to an hour is going to be filled with screams and tears and tantrums. Perfect timing for P-Daddy and I to go on vacay right? The FBI knew and totally timed this on our behalf. And to that I say a BIG THANKS!

When we return and I start my new job and Granbeck is settled in her home and P-Daddy starts his weekly golf league and JD is being babysat everyday and most of our home is getting painted and I am 20 pounds skinnier and my house is clean all the time....oh sorry I was just dreaming for those last two...anyway...back to the "when we return" stuff...we are going to tackle potty training and big boy bed for the little man who also doesn't really love change. Probably not in that order and probably not all that well. But doggonit we will look pretty while we are doing it and eventually it will be did. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

One Shining Moment?

I have never been a fan of the song that the NCAA has chosen to play for the CHAMPION of the NCAA tournament. I mean, I am a music buff kind of gal and I heart this tournament and all its glory (even if the Bulldogs aren't in the final game) and each year when "One Shining Moment" starts to play, it ruins all the chills I just had for the winning team.

Its just not a good fit if you ask me. And they aren't asking. But I wish they were.

Tonight could be Butler University's ONE SHINING MOMENT (side note, I love the name of the song, just dislike the actual song). I am so excited for them I couldn't sleep (again) last night.

I am thinking the song playing on this here blog (turn up the volume) is WAY more appropriate for BU for THIS YEAR but I am still working on an overall winner that will be a crowd pleaser to the masses for years to come.

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I saw this quote on FB the other day and think it is absolutely perfect for tonight (but I have no idea who said it, the status update failed to mention this):

"We can't remember when the last time we lost and we haven't forgotten the ways we win...we're ready, we're here, we're HOME!"