Friday, August 27, 2010

Your So Vain...

(sing it with me)..."you probly think this song is about you...your so vain (your so VAIN) you probly think this song is about you, don't you, DON'T YOU!" :)

So apparently Mr. JD got a hold of my camera the other day and learned himself how to take pictures. I say this because I plugged in my SD card today and up pops what you shall see below. The funny thing is there were about 40 total of he, himself and him! These are just the ones that you could see his pretty face! Kind of a fun surprise for mommy!

Also fun that he didn't break the camera while it was in his little curious hands! And pretty great that he didn't lose said camera while it was in his possession. Never underestimate the power of his creepiness! :)

Happy Friday!

Oh and sorry about the boogies in his nose...we are fighting something and as much as we try to keep on top of them, they are coming back faster than we can grab him and wipe him up. And remember, he was apparently roaming the house and MIA during this "photo shoot." (insert mom of the year award HERE).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days where you realize that life is fragile and God is in control. Yesterday was one of those days that makes you realize how much love runs through family. Yesterday was one of those days that makes you realize how powerful prayer can be.
Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me of how GOOD people can be.

Let me go back a few days actually...because its not just about yesterday...

About a week ago P-Daddy and I packed up the family truckster to brave the grocery store on a weekend morning. We had been playing with JD outside for most of the morning and our arms were really tired from swinging him so we decided this would be a good idea. I had laid my cell phone on my back bumper for play time and noticed it before we packed up, making a mental note I needed to grab it before we left. But I forgot. And we went on our merry way to the store and back home again. The store by the way is about 10 miles away. So we get home and I remember that I had left my cell on the bumper and forgot and we had driven off with it there. CRAP!!! But my optimistic self got back in the car with P-Daddy's cell phone and thought I would slowly drive down our street and down the main road of our hood on the off chance it was still out there and still in one piece. I did have a pretty sinking feeling in my gut that I was wrong though. Well...I drove down our street calling my phone and get to the stop sign at the end of our road and there I hear it. In the MIDDLE of the main road in our neighborhood, ringing. I get out of my car, walk over to my untouched phone, laugh, shake my head and say (out loud)"God I have NO idea why you are so good to me because I don't deserve it."

To you this may be silly because it is just a cell phone, and believe me when I say I completely realize this. It was just one of those rare moments where it was kind of a miracle that it was still in one piece based on where it was laying and it was going to be a real pain to have to get a new phone (and expensive) and I really felt God was saying "see I am in your life, even for the small things." (insert chills)

Flip back to the present...

It has truly been a powerful couple of days. We have been battling (made up) monsters in JD's room, lots of allergies turned into sickness (for me, JD, and Granbeck), lots of family in town, some days off of work for both me and P-Daddy, a dear loved ones surgery, lots of worrying, lots of praying, lots of laughter to break through the fear, and a huge blessing.

The surgery went well, better than well actually. And we are blessed. May we all see God's blessings through the good and tough times in our lives...the small and the big ways he shows us he is there.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


B.O. is not something a woman should deal with (even if she does sweat like a man in the armpit region)

B.O. may be a result of the fact that I have an obscene amount of hair under my pits (TMI?)

B.O. means I can't wear satin, even in the winter, unless I want to show off serious sweaty pit stains.

B.O. knows no boundaries and has ripped through every antiperspirant on the market (normal and "clinical") and one prescription deo too.

So as you can see I have a problem. And its of the smelly variety. I mean, don't get me wrong...I don't smell like a 7th grader who just went through puberty and doesn't yet realize they need some deodorant but by the end of every day I don't smell so hot. In fact, every night when P-Daddy gets home from work we hug it out and typically he gives me a smell check. Most days the verdict is: "you've smelled worse." Which is kind of gross. And I really hate it.

Right now I have a stick of deo in the center console of my ride, just in case. I used to have it there AND in my desk drawer at work. Yep peeps, its THAT bad.

Currently I start the day with a little SECRET and end with applying some Mitchum (for women). Always, ALWAYS of the powder fresh scent as it smells a little LESS bad when it is wearing of! Its working for me, for now. I think I need botox in the pits. I hear it works. And at the ripe age of 29 I am thinking this is a problem that won't go away without a serious intervention.

The deo's currently in my bathroom...

Aren't you glad you stopped by this here blog and read about Body Odor today? I'm sure glad you did. Now don't go off and forget your deodorant today! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010


As a parent you find yourself doing things you never thought you would do. A few examples shall we?

Allowing your baby to take naps in their swing (guilty)
Sometimes having a potty mouth in front of your child (guilty)
Allowing your child to watch more than the recommended half an hour a day of television (very guilty)
Opening a box of cookies in a store just so he will stop screaming and disrupting the public (guilty)

Believe me when I say these are LIGHT examples, there are many, many more. The bottom line is you do these things mostly out of desperation, which doesn't make it OKAY and as a parent you know this....but it does help you survive the early days of parenting.

One of the things that P-Daddy and I were pretty convicted about not getting was a swing set for our yard. Mainly because they are VERY expensive, we don't have a lot of flat yard space and we have a neighborhood park that we can practically spit on (oh and selfishly they can be sort of an eye sore). Insert=eating your own words.

One of our neighbors has grown children, had one of these said swing sets and was looking to get rid of it. We actually looked into this for one of our friends who were interested in a swing set, not for us. But when he told us the price (umm think deal of the century), P-Daddy perked up and said "maybe we should buy it." I was all "WHAT?" Of course JD had walked down with us to our neighbors house and had already gone down the slide about a million times. He's a good salesman to his dear old dad.

So we made the big purchase. And after a much needed face lift we have the happiest boy on the block. To say that this purchase was priceless is an understatement.

This is the "after face lift" pic...sorry about the fuzziness...don't know what happened.

Sometimes its nice to eat your words.

Next up: Teaching JD how to SWING himself! My arms are tired. :)