Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to my Favorite Son!

Because I never blog anymore, ever I tried uploading this to Facebook but they got angry at me because of the music I added and deleted it. So...I am trying here. And can't make any promises that I will be back soon! BUT I do miss you blog!

Happy Birthday Jacob!



mamalouise said...

Another Academy Award winner! What a fun year. Cannot believe how quickly time flies. Love you so muchh ~ Gaga

mamalouise said...

Actually, Gaga said! I was on Michelle's computer though!

Jodi said...

Great video Michelle! You're so creative and talented!

Aimee said...

Just catching up and got some time to watch--so wonderful--this mama got a bit teary! Can't believe our babies are so big! Congrats on raising a beautiful (inside & out) 4 year old!